Luis Enrique, worse than the DGT: here’s how the fines are for national team players


Spain They are an envied team when it comes to national teams. We saw it in this Qatar 2022 World Cupwhere the cohesion of the different teams has not been ideal and even in the case of favorites like Belgium, the relationships between the team members have ended up blowing up the dressing room environment. Luis Enrique Martinez He is largely responsible for the good atmosphere in the Spanish national team, but with certain limits, which arise in many areas and are helped by the famous fines that make his players tremble so much.

Since before departure world, Luis Enrique He made the decision to become a streamer for a few days and thus connect as much as possible with the fans every day with a live show in the evening. Many questions arrive there and one of the most awaited was that of the fines in the focus of Spain. Lucho, as usual when talking about fan questions, didn’t hide when it came to answering.

“The fines are the usual ones in a football team”, began by saying Luis Enrique before detailing the rules and the resulting penalties in the event of an infringement. “Those who are late pay a finewe add the mobile, that the mobile cannot be used at lunch, dinner or breakfast, that is, when you are in the dining room, “continued the coach, before getting into the really important subject, the figures to be paid for each footballer at fault in the concentration of Spain in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“If someone starts with a fine, I think it starts with 100 euros and if it’s repeated it doubles,” he revealed. Fought, who is not in favor of placing very high numbers for the first time, but who has decided to implement, surely with his coaching staff, a multiplier system according to which if the footballer is a repeat offender, he will pay the double each time he recurs in the leap to standards. “If you make a mistake it’s 100if you make another mistake, it goes to 200 then 400, 800, 1600 and so on until infinity”, explained the Asturian coach.

Match day, double fine

Every day is not the same world and most important for fines, as for the rest of the stakes, is the day of the match. It’s not the same to skip a rule the day after a game as it is in full preparation a few hours before playing the pass in the world championship, so Luis Enrique act accordingly and repeat the multiplication by two. “Whoever gets lost on match day pays double. In other words, if you already have three fines, or 400 euros, you already know that you are paying 1,600 euros, 800 for two.

Footballers won’t be happy with the possibility of being penalised, but if they don’t want to throw money into the pot, they already know what to do, and it looks like they’re pretty diligent, from what the coach comments. Tic. “It stings, but there are very few people who arrive late, with whom there is little fine money”.


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