Luis Enrique responds to whether he sees Gavi as King of Spain


Luis Enrique He does not shy away from any controversial issue and that is why he has not hesitated to assess one of the jokes that has spread throughout the country in recent days. It is about the one that stars Pablo Gavi and the princess eleanor. It all began as a result of the delivery of a National Team shirt to King Felipe during his visit to the team in Qatar, but it has been gaining strength until it slipped into the concentration of the Spanish National Team.

Princess Eleanor and Gavi

The Asturian coach has been asked about the possibilities that the very young Sevillian midfielder has of being Leonor’s new boyfriend and therefore the future King of Spain, however far it may seem. The coach has used his streaming on Twitch to answer this question. «I’ve already found out what you like to joke about! Oh…! The truth is that I don’t see it, no»he said jokingly.

The rumor originated this past weekend after the television program socialite had access to a testimony that assured that “Leonor has in the Institute of Wales a folder lined with Gavi’s photos. There are indications that there is a romance, we do not know if it is platonic. It was then that the social machinery began to work and there are those who noticed that it was Gavi who presented Felipe VI with a National Team shirt after the game against Costa Rica that was not his size, so it could well be be a gift for the future heiress.

Gavi gives Felipe VI a shirt from the Spanish National Team / Gtres
Gavi gives Felipe VI a shirt of the Spanish National Team

What began as an unsubstantiated comment has been overcoming barriers until Luis Enrique himself is the one who gives his opinion on the matter. However, it seems unlikely that he will have more of a run. What will have more episodes will be the love story of Ferran Torres with Lucho’s daughter – that’s what her loved ones and fans of Spain call her – who is advancing from strength to strength.

The Spanish striker is dating the coach’s daughter and that has been the other big joke inside the Spanish dressing room but also outside. In fact, Luis Enrique himself was not cut off and responded a few days ago to a compromising question.

“If Ferrán Torres scores a goal and makes a gesture with a pacifier, would you celebrate?” The coach was not cut off and brought out the most ironic side of him: “If Ferrán Torres scores a goal I would be very happy but As he makes the gesture of the pacifier, I change it at the moment, I put him in the stands and he doesn’t step on a stadium or a lawn again, come on… I would only miss», Said a Luis Enrique is showing his most joking side during the connections that make Twitch this World Cup.


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