Luis Enrique: “Morata gives us many guarantees”


Luis Enrique spoke to the media after the tie they signed Spain Yes Germany on the second day of the group stage of the world. With this point, the national team is very close to the round of 16. It might even be worth a loss to Japan as long as Costa Rica did not beat the German team.

in good condition

“If someone told us that we were going to be the leader at this stage, I would sign him. It’s a month.”

Lack of trust

“We were a bit lacking in confidence to realize we could do more damage. With 1-0 they go into all or nothing and we couldn’t have control. In general, I think we competed with Germany and gave the highest level. I will be satisfied when I see him tomorrow.”

ball out

“The mistake was in the ball exit, a mistake we don’t normally make. You try not to make mistakes, but football is a game of mistakes.”

no accounts

“I like the intention and the attitude we have. Don’t speculate. Even if the tie is worth it, we will continue to win to go top of the group.


“We are leaders, imagine the rest. Maximum confidence in what we do and how we do it”.


We handle it normally. In the team we have a motto which is ‘pressure is a privilege’ and the players try to deal with it as normal.”


“The 16 players are exemplary, they all deserve to play, without exception, Morata is in a phenomenal moment in terms of form, with a physical problem. This gives us a lot of guarantee. He contributes a lot, when he plays he always adds up.”

Jordi Alba

“Jordi Alba is a player of the highest level, no matter how badly anyone thinks he is. He still is, just like Busquets. People get tired of veterans, but he’s still the best full-back in the world in the bottom third of the field. They are also trying to take Busquets by retiring for many years. I hope we convince him to play another World Cup.”

tie taste

“It’s a little disappointing, but we could have lost. I think it’s fair. The key game was Asensio who threw it and sent it. If we did the second it would have been decisive. L ermany is a power and no one dares to reject it.

Speculate with the result

“There will be no speculation. It is played every three days and we will look for the best options. If you win, or draw, as in our case, we continue and if we lose, we go home .

unai simon

“Unai has been very good, that’s what we ask. We are all parents of successes and not of mistakes. It went very well. I buy the full player pack and I liked Unai”.

Special day

“It was a special day. We don’t physically have our daughter, but we remember her every day. We tried to imagine what he would do in each situation. Life isn’t always pretty.

Qatar World Cup

“It’s a positive experience. Very comfortable where we chose to be. It is a World Cup that has attracted attention since it was awarded and almost always from a negative point of view, but in terms of organization and structure I think it is very good. We are very happy and we hope to go as far as possible.”


“Freshness is not a question of being fresh or not, it is a question of sensations. It cost us, but there was also Germany. If we want to believe the feeling that it flows, we want to have all the players. Someone did not participate and will participate.


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