Luis de la Fuente: ‘We are an exciting team’ – EFE News


Huesca, Sep 26 (EFE).- Luis de la Fuente, Spain’s Under-21 coach, assured that he expects “a devoted audience” at the El Alcoraz stadium in Huesca, the scene of this Tuesday’s game against Norway (6:30 p.m.). CEST, -2 GMT), because it is “an exciting team”, which plays “well” and settles its commitments “with authority”.

“I’m sure a lot of people will come and there will be a dedicated following. We are an exciting team because we play well, we solve with authority and we put on a good show. Also, you can see footballers who are the present and the future of Spanish football,” he told a press conference.

“For us it is a very important and interesting game. We want to end this short cycle with good sensations in which we have found sensations again after three months in which we have not met. We want to leave a very good image and , above all, to offer the possibility that the players who win it with their teams have their share. We played against a very tough rival who will surely surprise more than one because they have a great level, “he valued.

“We want to be able to recognize a style of play and engage a lot of new players with that game idea. From that premise, all of our games are exactly the same; whether friendly or official. All of them are of particular importance because they are the basis of our growth and they serve to guarantee a solid base for Spanish football. I am delighted with the performance we have achieved so far, and I am convinced that we still have a lot of room for improvement,” he underlined.

Finally, Luis de la Fuente felt that this list could perfectly be the one aiming for Spain’s sixth European Under-21 title next summer.

“One year ahead, it’s difficult… all the players who are with us can be perfectly. This call could be European. They offer me the guarantee and peace of mind. In addition, I am lucky that there are players who could not come because of different circumstances and who would give a good performance”, he concluded.


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