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Lufthansa said it was looking for new employees in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium – Copyright AFP ANDRE PAIN

Lufthansa launched a campaign to hire 20,000 employees on Monday as the German airline giant recovers strongly from the coronavirus pandemic and seeks to address staff shortages.

The airline took big losses when the virus halted global air travel, but a rebound in demand helped it turn a profit again this year.

Lufthansa said it was looking for new employees in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium, with roles ranging from pilots and flight attendants to technicians and IT specialists.

A spokesman said some of the roles were being created recently, while others were replacements for people who had left.

“To be at the forefront of the industry, we need dedicated and motivated employees for a variety of tasks and challenges,” said Chief of Staff Michael Niggemann.

According to figures published in October, Lufthansa had 108,000 employees at the end of September. It had 138,000 at the end of 2019, before the pandemic.

The airline industry in Europe is struggling to hire new staff to cope with the rebound in demand, after many have quit or been laid off during the pandemic.

Lufthansa, which cut thousands of employees during the pandemic, faced a strike by pilots and ground crews over the summer, due to a shortage of workers but also rising inflation.

The airline group subsequently agreed to pay raises for staff in a number of different areas.

In the third quarter, the airline group, which also includes Eurowings, Austrian, Swiss and Brussels Airlines, reported healthy earnings and declared it was “put the pandemic behind us.”

Lufthansa had huge losses in 2020 and 2021 and had to be bailed out by the German government, but reported that its finances stabilized sooner than expected.


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