Lucifer Season 6 Trailer: The Apocalypse Is Coming – Netflix Series

Netflix series “Supernatural” Lucifer, is set to move into its sixth season, and a trailer for the upcoming episode set will be uploaded online.

On Tuesday, the online streaming service posted a final look at the show’s final season, detailing how Lucifer prepares to take his place of God.

Having all the luxury and freedom that heaven promised him, Lucifer really stays on the ground as he has some loose ends to be tied, while at the same time creating a new enemy in his path, and also continuing to emphasize his penchant for solving crimes and mysteries.

As reports, Tom Ellis believes that Lucifer can never completely escape his calling to solve mysteries.

“It’s in his DNA now, maybe a strange thing needs to be solved, but, to be honest, he has a lot of riddles to solve,” he said. Ellis explained at Comic-Con.

The location of the new season is also intriguing, with the trailer showing Colombia in all its glory as fans can expect the show’s dramatic climax with dramatic battles and some pretty trendy dancing.

Who is in it?

Tom Ellis returns as Luciferalthough there are also functional roles for Leslie-Ann Brandt, Tricia Heifer, Scarlett Estevez and Kevin Alejandro

When can you watch it?

The sixth season will air on Netflix on September 10, 2021, while the previous five seasons are fully available to watch in the app for now if you want to stay up to date until the latest release.

Why does it end?

Initially, season 5 was supposed to be the culmination of the series, but many fans question how quickly the producers want to end the story arc.

The writers considered that the sixth season Netflix gave them a great opportunity to correctly complete the storylines of all the characters.

They’re going to tell the same story they’ve been planning all along, but they feel like adding next season helps them complete it in the most organic way.

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