Lucia Fernanda: “If they believe in you, it becomes something magical”


this is Beans, Carmona and Basket… Consequently, Lucia Fernanda is a woman of a race who has music in her blood and struggles to fulfill her dreams. Although yes, he didn’t want to use his roots to promote himself.

In 2019, he began his musical journey. He appeared with an open face and without a surname. I wanted to see the reaction of people to his work. So he confused the “blanket over the head”as it says in its first single “Blanket”… A song that’s played almost a million times on Spotify alone, and that’s still very important to her.

The song talks about when “you cover your head with a blanket and free yourself from all your fears, from everything that holds you back, restricts you”. She admits that for her it did her “Drop a lot of things and start a new stage” in their lives.

It was the beginning of a career that developed over time, until reaching the title. “ambassador of the city rumba “as they dubbed it in the world of music.

Now his debut album is “finally” released. ‘Elem’… Nod to international anthem of the gypsies “Gel, Gel”. She is the daughter of Antonio Carmona and Mariola Orellana, and she felt that “it was important to appeal to that part of me that comes from this ethnic group, so beautiful and artistic … that fills me”.

The goal of this album was to find your own personality, your own style. And she achieved this thanks to the merger. “I proceed from this, for my father, from fused music“, – he admits. But she did it. “my method”so “I had a roll.”

Amy Winehouse, link

“Elem” shows us an artist with a personal and subtle voice. In this album he is presented as “another instrument” of those that sound in the song.

This is especially appreciated in “You”, one of the songs that received the best response from the audience. This is a song with a dot RnB in pure style Amy Winehouse… “An artist that I’ve become very obsessed with,” he explains. “This is an important link for me”

According to him, this is a “very magical” and “very clean” topic. “It was bid very special because I arrived with this song that we did with Rocco because he listened to the demo and said, “I can’t help but do something with this song.” And he did it.

“As soon as we had a problem, I introduced it to the company, saying it needs to be fixed.” The record company agreed and the song worked. “If they believe in you, your team and people around you, turns into something magical and very beautiful. “

Tribute to El Pescailla

As the granddaughter of the great flamenco guitarist Juan Habichuela and the daughter of the popular Antonio Carmona, she couldn’t debut with anything. Lucia Fernanda was true to what she thought she should have done, but also was advised… “I asked everyone for a lot … My parents, my cousins, everything, everything around me.” Subsequently, as it should be, he did what he thought. “I’m pretty stubborn”he admits that “do what I really want to do.” “When they put something between my eyebrows, I have to do it like a good Taurus,” he jokes.

He clearly understood that there should be a rumba. And this “Dancing with my people“. The song he was inspired to Pescailla and Catalan rumba. So much so that he decided to include “a sample belonging, a revolutionary, with his guitar, sings like a beast. “

A tribute who also wanted to surrender Sacromonte already Beans this as it says in “Canaster”, takes them under the flag.

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