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The ordeal of Lucas Hernandez is finally over! The 2018 world champion is easily jailed for failing to comply with his partner’s deportation measures, and finally learned three days ago that he will not be imprisoned. The player’s lawyer confirmed a bad past test:” This is an ordeal. To my surprise, Lucas avoided imprisonment because the title should be that the Provincial Court clearly overturned the unfair resolution against my client and involved his imprisonment. In the face of all the comments, we remained silent, but did not involve the true information in the lawsuit. He said in an interview with Marca.

The lawyer condemns the lies!

Mauricio Gonzalez then condemned the lies suffered by the Bavarians:” The first lie is that Lucas did not serve his sentence, which is wrong because he served a 31-day sentence for the benefit of the community while working for an association in 2017. This sentence is not recorded today. Hui, this sentence is erased from his criminal record. The second lie is that Lucas Hernández was twice convicted of gender-based violence, but it never happened. It was a specific event that happened when he was 21 years old. He matured personally and did not happen again.. “

To make matters worse, this judicial decision could have sounded the death knell for the international tricolor’s career:” It must be done urgently, because it means depriving my clients of their freedom. We had to file a complaint with the General Judicial Committee and the Provincial Court to resolve the problem and avoid unfair imprisonment. It may be that Lucas went to prison, and then six months later the court, as it did, opposed it, and prison time would ruin Lucas’ career. Therefore, on the day before the judge announced his imprisonment, the three justices of the peace under Article 26 of the Provincial Court urgently proved that the suspended sentence was justified. The Provincial Court agreed with our opinion that there is no recourse for this order, and we want to end this chapter after avoiding Lucas’ unfair imprisonment (…) We don’t understand anything. Lucas is an elite football player. He is a mature man. The plot in 2017 is very punctual. He no longer has any legal complaints because he has no criminal record (…) The provincial court gave us a reason, we Want to close this chapter after avoiding Lucas’ unfair imprisonment. His club doesn’t understand anything.The good news is Bayern’s support, he showed why he continues to play »He concluded.


Although Lucas Hernandez finally knew three years ago that he would not go to jail, his lawyer Mauricio Gonzalez has already spoken for Marca. The latter condemned the lies and ensured that it was a terrible ordeal for the player.


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