Lourdes Montes, Fiona Ferrer, Rosario Mojdano… Seville celebrates the “Exhibition Award”


As the saying goes Seville has a special color, And this Friday afternoon is even brighter.The Andalusian capital received a large number of well-known faces as it celebrated the fifteenth session Show award. The place chosen is Pilate House, Famous for the traditional place of the Duke of Medinaceli, this title currently belongs to young people Hornlohe victoryAlthough the Duchess did not show up, other members of the nobility attended the appointment, such as Maria Teresa de Morenes de Urquijo, the Countess of Asalto, and the honorary godmother of the evening, and A large number of celebrities.

Lourdes Montes wears a blue dress designed by Elisabetta Franchi / Gtres

On this occasion, Show award, Held every year on the anniversary of the magazine Showcase It recognized professionals from different departments, but also recognized two missing persons.this Post-mortem title honor award display Has relapsed Carlos Falco, An award collected by his eldest daughter Xandra Falcó, Beatrice von Hardenberg, Your daughter received Olivia de Borbon.

Matador Wang Yan; Singer Star Morant; Designer Josie, Founder of Starlight Sandra Garcia-San Juan, Chef Maria Jose Muñez, Marina Heredia, owner or singer of’El Quenco de Pepa’, is just some of the winners of the 15th Festival Show award.

Designer Josie is one of the award-winning / Gtres

They are not the only ones who come to this symbolic palace.Many famous faces want to add luster to this great tribute, for example, it’s already possible to see Agatha Ruiz de la Prada And his son Tristan, Maria Jimenez, To the designer Victoria and Lucino or Rosa Tuss, Company founder All.

There are also Carmen Lomana, Norma Duval, Raquel Revuelta, Ivonne Reyes, Rafael Amargo, Jaime Peñafiel, Antonia Dell´Atte, Francisco Rivera or Marisa Jara. The grand parade of celebrities highlights the importance of these Andalusian awards, which attract more audiences every year.

Dating with an Andalusian flavor

Norma Duvall, Matthias Kuhn
Norma Duval has been accompanied by her boyfriend Matthias Kühn / Gtres

With Seville as the protagonist, the Escaparate Awards, one of the Spanish social life events with a unique background, gathers many celebrities and magazine friends every year. Showcase For a ceremony, Excellence is awarded in different categories Or for those who have become ideal idols for other people in society because of what it represents.This issue will Tribute to the April Fair, This year is not the second year, it coincides with the bullfighting Feria de San Miguel.

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