Lotterer: Formula E has more talent than Formula 1


Tthere is a lot of excitement about the possible arrival Volkswagen Groupacross porschein Formula 1 in 2026, taking advantage of the change of engines. They could also enter through Red Bullwho by that time will part with Sling.

It’s considered easier to understand Christian Hornerrepeated criticism Formula Eelectric championship that has existed for ten years and still maintains porsche as one of its main components.

“It doesn’t work because he has almost no fans, no noise, no passion,” said Red Bull boss. “There is no atmosphere either, and the manufacturers again refuse to participate in the championship.”

Andre Lottergerman driver in porsche and still win Formula Eyou answered strongly.

“Both have great talent, but on average more talent. Formula E because they are all professionals and no one brings money with them”, lottery said. “They all earned their place thanks to their talent. Some riders don’t belong in Formula 1 without their sponsor.

“These are two different worlds that cannot be compared. [Formula E] the championship has a future and there are not so many alternatives for the introduction of electromobility from manufacturers, if it didn’t work out, Formula E wouldn’t be here.”


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