Los Angeles Lakers go all-in on Kyrie Irving after LeBron James contract extension


TI have Los Angeles Lakers announced LeBron James‘ The two-year renewal is on Wednesday, and it looks like there might be more good news on the way.

Previous reports have suggested Lakers were interested in landing Kyrie Irvingbut now it looks like they are trying to push declarer.

During his most recent appearance on SportsCenter, Adrian Wojnarowski explained that with Jamesnew contract, Lakers I want to build a team that can fight for the ring right now.

That’s where Irving enters the equation. Just when it looked like he was going to stay in Brooklyn, Kevin Durantrade request changed the situation.

during made it clear to the owners that it was either the coach and general manager or himself, and Irving appears to agree to the request.

Nets focused on Duran exit

Although Irving’s exit is possible, the Nets are prioritizing duringsituation.

It’s believed that Lakers willing to trade first-round picks in 2027 and 2029 for Irving, but Brooklyn isn’t that interested at the moment.

in Lakers somewhat reluctant to offer more draft picks, but they know the pressure is on them if they want to win another ring with James.


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