Lopez Obrador once again put his finger on Spain’s eyes: “The Franco regime has sprouted like never before”


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President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, He assured on Monday that the Franco regime is “sprouting” in Spain because the left-wing party has left the leadership space and is “fuzzy.”

“Look at how Francoism in Spain emerged in an unprecedented way. It is very regrettable that people are so outstanding in their struggles. It is an example of great poets, philosophers and politicians returning to their worst situation,” the president said at a press conference held at the Palace of Nations, referring to Francisco · The dictatorship of General Franco was in Spain from 1939 to 1975.

Lopez Obrador pointed out that in other countries, conservatism is growing because on the left they need time to determine their position: “They are not anchored, they are twists and turns, when a person has to represent something very clearly and When someone, they want to stand in the middle,” he insisted.

He recalled that the characteristic of his government was to protect the poorest and most in need.“This is my position, I don’t want to look good with everyone,” he said.

He is sure that there are currently some parties that define themselves on the left, but want to look good “they become fuzzy”, and then people no longer know who they represent.

However, he stated that the culprit of all this lies in those responsible for political leadership, “We are not acting with integrity.”

Finally, he pointed out that his political stance made even the middle class or higher-income people aware of the importance of fighting poverty and inequality to achieve social peace.

“They see a movement like ours with sympathy, of course, You have the support of the poor, From the people most in need, they never turned their heads to look at them and stretched out their hands,” he said.


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