Lopez Obrador appoints ambassador to Madrid but warns that relations with Spain are “bad”

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President of Mexico Andres Manuel López Obrador, Admitted on Tuesday that in the dispute over the appointment of the new Mexican ambassador to Madrid and the current governor of Sinaloa, “relationships with Spain are not good.” Quirino Oldaz Koper.

“As we all know, the relationship with Spain is not good, and We are working hard to improve, We believe Quirino Ordaz will provide a lot of help for this,” the president said at the daily press conference.

The President of Mexico announced on the 11th that the opposition was Ordaz Coppel (Ordaz Coppel) Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), will replace the ambassador Maria Carmen Onat.

That day, Mexican President accuses Spain of “arrogance” Because he did not respond to his request, he apologized to the indigenous people of the country for the abuses committed during the conquest and colony.

“We apologize to them in a very respectful way, especially the monarchy, for our country’s abuse of primitive communities, the suppression, the massacre, and the extermination, because they did not do it. They understand it this way. , They felt offended, and I think they acted very proudly,” Lopez Obrador said at the time.

Although the Mexican president at the time Described as a “good” relationship with Spain, Despite the “misunderstanding”, today he expressed the opposite direction and said “they are not good.”

“Indigenous Resistance”

López Obrador strengthened his proposition in 2021 because his government commemorated the 500th anniversary of the indigenous resistance, because in addition to completing the 200th year of independence, it also renamed the anniversary of the conquest.

The President of Mexico promises to hold a ceremony Independent cryThe independence struggle parade on the night of September 15 and the independence struggle parade on September 16 will have historical significance.

In Mexican politics, the appointment of Ordaz Coppel was surprising because he came from the opposition PRI, which Lopez Obrador defeated in the 2018 presidential election.

López Obrador today defended his intention to include other outgoing opposition governors into his government, especially the PRI and the right. National Action Party (bread).

“The representative of Mexico abroad has nothing to do with political parties. It is the representative of the Mexican state, nothing more than the government or executive branch, including the president. That’s why the Senate’s authorization is needed. They represent the country,” said Ordaz Coppel.


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