Look Gaming more than doubles in three quarters driven by girls and avid gamers outside the metro area, according to Look Gaming Development Report 2022 – News235


Platform’s month-to-month active person base has reached 65 million as of October 2022; more than 73% of customers belong to non-metro people and 47% are girls

watch games, a part of the web shopper firm Look, has more than double its active people base in three quarters, revealed the Look Gaming Development Report, 2022. The report acknowledged that the number of monthly active users on the platform increased by 116%, from 30 million originally in January 2022 to 65 million on January 31.st October 2022, making it one of the largest and most far-reaching recreation and game streaming locations in the country. The expansion has been driven in large part by the game adoption among more and more diverse demographicsdiscovered the report.

Girls represented about 47% from Look Gaming’s person base, while non-metropolitan buyers made up 73% of the identical This means that the gaming market is growing rapidly across the nation, and across a number of demographic groups. The game also has damaged age limitations on the platform, with an interest in streaming games and recreation from a broad spectrum of ages. Older generations have shown a greater inclination to play casual games: 27% of users in the 45-54 and 19% in 55+ teams are playing this kind of game. Users in the 18-24 age group, on the contrary, showed an excellent option to watch live game streams on Look Gaming. 47% of live stream viewers come from this age group.

Look Gaming allows shoppers to find over 400 casual games, professional games, tournaments, live game streams and more right on the lock screen of Android smartphones. By doing so, it makes the games much more accessible to a large number of viewers. East ease of discovery it has been a major purpose for game adoption by various teams at Look Gaming. The power of playing these video games no ing It has also been a key factor, allowing consumers to have fun with minimal storage and data requirements, the report acknowledges.

“We believe that games are probably the most effective and educational forms of entertainment available right now. Look is dedicated to bringing a daily dose of world-class gaming experiences to people on their lock screens, and by doing so, we are growing the player base around the world.” stated Bikash Chowdhury, Look’s publicity director. “Insights from our Look Gaming Development Report 2022 testify to the truth that buyers across the spectrum love Look Gaming’s proposition of fun, exciting and compelling video games aided by simple discovery and simplified use”. added.

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In the last year, Look Gaming’s library has grown to more than 400 games in more than 15 classes, overlapping classes such as Technique, Puzzle, Arcade, Simulation, Casual, Action, and Shooter games, among others. The report highlights that 30% of avid gamers enjoy technique games, making it the most searched class on the platform, followed by puzzle, arcade and simulation games, which account for 15%, 12%. and 11% respectively.

Among new customers, 50% of them are still engaging with Look Gaming even after 6 months, while among retained customers, the platform has experienced 80% growth in the first month of retention. Some of the top and most played games on the platform include Defend the Tank, Escape from Aztec, Swing Monkey, Jewels Block, and Fruit Katana among others.


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