Longoria privately fights Cristiano Ronaldo rumours


It’s a rumour that has grown in the past days and has even sparked some surprising information about the alleged discussion or the supposed arrival of Jorge Mendes in Marseille. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s profile appears to be a far cry from OM’s concerns, as explained by multiple media outlets, including Provence or the team.

Last night, Pablo Longoria wanted to end it for good. As always, clarify things with a clear and polite speech. “It’s only from social networks, for me it’s just to make a splash. We use the means we have. Asking me if Cristiano Ronaldo is coming to OM is like asking me Kevin De Bruyne , Darwin Nuñez or Erling Haaland can come to OM the same. Dreaming is a beautiful thing for everyone. We have to be sincere with everyone and we have to relate to the means we have. We have a serious sporting programme that includes improvements every season. But you have to respect the economic balance, which for me is the future of football,” the Marseille boss told BeIN Sports.

Longoria condemns lack of respect

The quiet development hides a tougher speech inside. In fact, the team of the day told us that President Longoria would actually be very annoyed by the document, which is nothing like the sports he intends to implement. As such, the OM boss would express his “shame” behind the scenes, but would also point to a “lack of respect” for the club’s work. “Sad” and “disappointed,” Longoria thus now seems hopeful that the flames will subside…


Rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo at OM have been particularly prominent in the news in recent days. This apparently angered President Pablo Longoria. After public denials, it will be harder for the Marseille boss in private.

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