Lolita Flores’s daughter’s emotions before the wedding

September is just around the corner. Not only will children return to school and older children will return to daily life, but also a highly anticipated event: The wedding of Elena Frias. After nearly 4 years of dating Gonzalo Sierra, The actress said “I do” In the next few weeks, the event he had planned for a long time, because his intention was to pass last year, and this will finally happen.

Elena Furiase-holding her son in the photo-and Gonzalo Sierra will get married in September this year / Gtres

At her home in the center of Madrid, the bride’s mother Lolita Flores said to the magazine “Hello!” The details of that great day made people so nervous that they didn’t want to say anything. “I’m not a sneaky mom”She assured the media and added that she prefers “quiet and quiet” because “you have to play with the charm of surprises. She is organizing everything. He said he learned from his mother Lola Flores’ first wedding organized Yes, she hopes that her daughter will have the final say in all matters.

However, it is very present in the preparation work because Checked the guest list “in case you forget someone”, Tested the menu to be provided with them and visited the place to be held. Yes, she revealed that Elena and Gonzalo will get married at a civil ceremony, and her dress will be signed by Roberto Diz, “I like it”, and she assured the couturier that she will dress her for the design made for her. « For my clothes, I chose a bright color, and I use it often. And I can expect that I will not wear a headscarf.We are more Hippies», has advanced to look like yourself.

Mother and daughter will be dressed as Roberto Diz / Gtres

In addition, she stated that she would not be a godmother, but the mother of Gonzalo Sonsoles, where of course she will be reunited with her predecessor and the father of her child, Guillermo Furiase. »I often see my ex at my daughter’s house, and he also comes to my house. We get along very well.He is a gentleman and a very good father”, he said of the Argentines. Together they will see their eldest daughter say “Yes, I do”, they will remember this day forever, and Lolita Flores was “nervous, a little bit painful and I know I will be very excited. I cry a lot when I cry. I haven’t started yet because I don’t want to arrive with puffy eyes and I am saving myself for important days.

So much so that he made sure that he would not be able to speak during the ceremony, so he ruled out the possibility of speaking. Of course, he will sing on stage and do animations for the party. «We all sing and dance. I know it will be a very interesting celebration »She believed in “Hello!” and took the opportunity to praise her son-in-law, “He is a legal man. A worker and family like us; a handyman, tidy, beautiful inside and out, the most important thing is , He likes my daughter very much.”

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