Lolita Flores tells the details of the illness that forced her off the stage

Lolita flower He had to interrupt his career due to health problems.’S mother Elena Frias After I pierced his lower back, he has left the stage. A few days ago, she herself said in El Hormiguero: “I had a severe sciatica attack. They had an MRI and they found that my lower back was a bit angry.” Lola Flores’ daughter revealed, but no Provide more details on it. Now, Lolita participates in the event held in Madrid. World Osteoporosis Day He wanted to take this opportunity to release an awareness-raising message to the public. The singer encouraged us to see a doctor and pay attention to our health.

In a statement to the Gtres agency, Lolita said that currently, she does not suffer from osteoporosis: “No, I don’t have osteoporosis at the moment. I have to do a density measurement”, Guaranteed. The artist explained that after a puncture in the sciatic nerve area, she decided to have an MRI. They told her to rest, not to gain weight, and to use a belt to keep it straight: “They saw some why I had to leave the theater, but it was at least I don’t have osteoporosis on the spine, but we have 206 bones,” he emphasized. Lolita has always insisted on the importance of prevention and regular visits to the doctor: “I support all these things as much as possible, because you have to educate people to see a doctor. You don’t have to take only one medicine, because it may get worse in the future. “

Artist/Gtres during the event

Although she has some functions left, the actress promises that health is the most important at the moment: “I have three bowls left, but I have to suspend them because my health is above all else: my child, I My grandson, my family and my health. I have to take a break to prevent the situation from getting worse.”

Although she is satisfied with the career she has developed, she admits that it also paid the price: “Thank God, I have been working for many years without stopping, but it will eventually affect you. You sleep in a different bed every day, and you don’t eat at your own time… One day you have to stop, you I must go to the doctor, check myself, and take a break.”, Say.

The artist had to stop / Gtres

It was his grandson Noah’s birthday recently, and this time they were able to celebrate it like family, because a health emergency prevented it last year. She herself posted a lovely family portrait on the Internet, and offered her some beautiful words: “These lions, tigers and leopards and [email protected] are my life. The back injury is not serious, but I have to suspend @llevamehastaelcielo. I have always been a producer, life sometimes and the body require you to stop, today my grandson is three years old, and now I have more free time I want to dedicate it to these people you see in the photos, my [email protected] gonzalos.g is another son plus my son-in-law @elenafuriase @guillefuri and my grandson I don’t want to miss a minute, I will not waste time with people who are not worthy, I am grateful for life, Noah, you are my walking stick , My happiness, I want to thank the people who pay attention to me and love me, all the people who have worked with me, I will not name them, because today the absolute protagonist is my grandson, may God give me my health to see you Grow, enjoy you and finish the years I left with you., Congratulations on my love Thank God and the universe for my family for my grandson for my friend, God gave it to St. Peter and bless her, Noah is yours Grandma, dedicated my time and life to you, congratulations on my puppy, I love you”.

The artist was happy with her role as a grandmother, and she promised that the little boy did not look like his parents: “He really looks like me. He has my bad temper and all the genes”, he smiled and promised. What he doesn’t want to talk about is his daughter Elena’s recent wedding: “Today we are talking about osteoporosis, and I assure you that no one has osteoporosis,” he commented with a smile. Some words made one of the editors tell her that her throat was good this time, and after the last meeting with the media, her voice was hoarse: “I couldn’t speak at the wedding.”

Currently, the artist has no unfinished projects, but will focus on taking care of herself and continue to participate in Tu cara me suena and El Hormiguero: “God will say next year,” she declared. What he implies is that if the doctor authorizes him, he can go to the United States to watch some concerts in December, although it depends entirely on his development: “They have to let me out of the hospital, and I can move, dance and sing in a scene. As I said. Yes, but I think so”.

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