Lola (‘LIDLT’) took legal action against her former partner of Horus


Marta de Lola, better known as Laura, Is one of the revelations “Island of Temptation” Previous Version. He entered with his partner Diego, although later he began to feel that some tempters were unfaithful to his partner at the time. Despite her experience of this situation, the contestants kept thinking of the pets they jointly owned: Her puppyIn fact, she began to think that because of what he had done, she would never see him again. Immediately, the social network was full of memes.

Rear, Laura He became one of the star signings of “Survivor 2021”. She was the first to be expelled, but the audience saved her. She lived alone for a while, away from the main group. With his survival skills, he came to an end in the competition, even though he did not win the prize. After experiencing the adventures of her life, Lola has landed in Spain and she announced that she will take legal action against her ex-partner to raise her dog.He passed his recently released Mtmad channel.

“When I left’Survivor’, I got in touch with Diego so that I could see and see Horus in the season when it was my turn. He replied that he was no longer in Leon and he was in Santander,” Lola He was visibly excited. “He told me that if I want to see him pick him up from Alicante, that’s the place I’ve been,” he added. “At first I was very serious. I explained that it seemed unfair that I had to walk half of Spain. I was able to stay at a point where we were in the middle of the two. Then I told him that when it was his turn, he had to come to pick him up. Him”, he said.

When Lola expressed her opinion, Diego responded that “this is not fair.” “He brought me the topic of’Island of Temptation’ again, because I was unfaithful to him there, because I was the one who had to move, and he did too much to him. Give me a chance to meet the dog“, explained his conversation with the singer on TV.

“I want to be serious because I don’t want to be manipulated by my dog, because this is the only way to hurt me. I don’t want to take the pet away because it belongs to both of us. When everything happened in “Island of Temptation”, we were on WhatsApp There was a dialogue and we made it clear that we have joint custody,” Lola admitted. “The measures I will take are a bit extreme, but I will do whatever it takes. I will ask for joint custody of me and the lawyer. I will take legal measures against Diego, not to take him away, but joint custody,” he said. Said the sluggish eyes.

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