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When I bought my Logitech G432 headphones and plugged them in, I have to be honest, my first impressions weren’t good as I wasn’t impressed with the sound quality at all. I finally managed to get it to a state where I’m happy with it, but it took a bit of work…

They are black, with some details in blue, a sober design but very well finished. It’s great for those gamers who don’t like unusual lighting or harsh colors. I personally prefer them, we must even take into account that if you don’t have a lighting system, the value of the headphones is cheaper and so they can give us a headset with better options for a lower price.

Topics we like

  • tremendous adjusted value
  • tremendously comfortable
  • Very versatile. PC, Change, PS4,…
  • It sounds better than acceptable.
  • Isolate correctly from the surface.

Problems we don’t like

  • To get the most out of the sound quality on the PC, it is important to configure your program (the progress is quite noticeable)
  • It lacks a little quantity for my style
  • None

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Value and availability

Logitech G432 comes with a black color variant and is worth $34.99. You need to buy this from the official website of the company. logitechg.com.

Field content material

Logitech G432

The package included: headset with built-in microphone and cable, a 3.5mm to dual 3.5mm adapter (for microphone and audio), a 3.5mm to USB 2.0 adapter, the brochure in all possible languages ​​for the correct use of the product, a sticker, the brochure to download the headset adjustment software and the instruction manual that can be downloaded at any time. Attached to the assessment are photographs of what everything looked like when the package was opened.

Logitech G432 review: Design and Construction

The Logitech G432 headset weighs 288g, it looks heavy but it’s actually very soft compared to many headsets we’ve tested before. You may notice this while wearing them, especially after long hours of uninterrupted use. The lining of the ear cushions, inside, the positioned to protect the 50mm drivers. It is a very thin fabric with micro holes. While the lining of the pads that slide around the ears and under the scarf that rests on the tip. It is made of luxurious artificial leather, which does not overheat the ears during prolonged use, especially in summer.

The rest of the materials on the outer casing of the earphones are soft plastic. An aluminum strip also appears whenever you move the headphones vertically based on your head size. The pavilions rotate 90° giving the possibility of flattening the headphones and placing them comfortably without taking up too much space, as well as a better adaptation to the shape of the head; to that is added a vertical inclination of some levels. The extension between the handkerchief resting on the pinnacle. And the pavilion is manually adjustable for a top of about 5 cm.

The arch that rests on the top is versatile, so much so that you can open the headphones almost horizontally and close them by touching the two pavilions (or ear cups), and it is possible to rotate it; The elasticity allows the earphones to not put too much stress on the ears, clearly if the earphones are fitted correctly.

The G432’s ear cups also fit more tightly into the mount holder. What could be heard as a transparent crack with every movement, especially in the hotter temperatures of the moment. In all probability resulting from thermal expansion.

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Logitech G432 review: connectivity

Logitech G432

For starters, I suggest avoiding aux cables and using the USB adapter whenever possible, as it would otherwise make for a slightly disappointing stereo headset. When connecting headphones to the jack input, it is very difficult for the device to recognize and take full advantage of the 7.1 sound driver. I connected the headphones to the PC via a USB adapter and so they were ready for regular use; Using a program downloaded from the site, I was able to set the power of the varied Hz to my liking through the mixer (from +12 Db to -12 Db). In case you don’t have enough knowledge, there are numerous profiles already set according to your usage (for example, when you play COD Warzone, there is a particular preset profile, or if you want to watch a movie, listen to music, and many others… .).

Logitech G432 review: Sound

Logitech G432

They are not too heavy but they are not very soft either. The audio quality is average, I would not recommend it for music lovers, even if you listen to it in 128 kbps mp3. It doesn’t have robust bass and the sound is considerably tinny. The 7.1 system with its software and connected by USB really works without any additional ado. It’s not a panacea either, but the sounds coming from behind are nice.

The 7.1 surround sound options are important if you want to get the most out of the G432. However, they only work when you use the USB adapter and download Logitech’s G Hub software program.

However, installing G Hub wasn’t enough to get the headset working the way I wanted it to. After turning on surround sound in G Hub, it presents plenty of equalizer presets to choose from. But none of them sound good enough for me, so I needed to spend some time putting together a custom equalizer and only then could I get the sound quality you needed.

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African National Congress

Noise cancellation looks much better than my Sennheiser, with less audio leaking if different people are in the same room.


Unfortunately, my problems with the headset settings did not end there. Because the microphone was not picking up any sound while using the USB adapter. So I had to do a Google search to fix the problem (judging by the variety of results, it’s a common problem) and it took me a while to explore the Admin Panel, trying various settings and options sooner than it used to be. finally able to get the mic working through the usb adapter. I haven’t tested the microphone much, but it seems to be of pretty good quality, and the mute function can be very useful.

The G432’s 6mm mic offers considerably poorer sound compared to the G430’s 5mm mic inside the TS, which is subjectively perceived by others. Logitech Gaming Software, previously used to easily configure the G430. Which also controls my G513 keyboard and G403 mouse, doesn’t recognize the G432. The new management software available for the G432 on Logitech’s website is still formally beta, it destroys all sound settings in Windows and can’t manage the keyboard. In a rubbish sentence.

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and what grade do you give it? Do you suggest it?

These two questions are what we all ask ourselves after buying any gadget. And the answer is always the same: IT DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU USE IT FOR AND WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS. These are mid-range gamer headsets. Logically, being a model, in this case Logitech, they have excellent quality. The audio is pretty good for its value. However, it is remarkable that Logitech has offered such an affordable price. It has in reducing at different points equivalent to lighting, and many others. If what you are looking for are normal headphones, to play with the PC or the console they are an option to take into account. If you can spend a little more, there are logically better options. I put what are your strengths and weaknesses that can help you solve.

Overall, I am satisfied with my G432 and I hope they will last me a couple of years. But it’s surely hard to say if I’d suggest them, given the variety of hurdles I had to overcome to get them to work the way I wanted them to. It’s certainly not the most suitable option for much less tech-savvy customers. However, if you have the stamina and know-how to set it up precisely. I think the G432 is a good headset for its price range.

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