Logan Paul vows to send Floyd Mayweather to jail for non-payment of fees


lOgan Paul and Floyd Mayweather met in the boxing ring in June 2021, and now, after almost a year, they can meet again, but this time in the courtroom.

That’s because the YouTube star claims he hasn’t been paid the full amount yet and he’s fed up.

“No, he did not pay me in full, this is a fact, since he lacks several million”, Logan told TMZ this week.

“We are taking this case to court. See you in the courtroom. Congrats on jail Floyd.”

Logan Paul refuses to keep quiet about not being paid

It’s not the first time Logan Paul spoke publicly about not being paid as much as he thought he should.

“It’s sad because Floyd “Money” MayweatherPavel explained in an interview with DAZN in March.

“Sure, I was going to get my check pretty fast, right? I’m sure he’ll come eventually, right? Then I realized: “Okay, I’m being pulled.”

“It’s a classic ‘Hey buddy, you’re new to this industry, we’ll puppet you however we want with your money, so jump in and shut up.’

“But instead of shutting up, I make fun of him on social media and tell everyone that he has no money.

“I’m kind of kidding. I joke and I point my finger at Floyd. But I don’t know if it’s his fault. Maybe a little, right?

“But something tells me Floyd does not control where the money goes. Or maybe he does and he’s just a fucking asshole.

“I have opportunity costs when I don’t have royalties that are rightfully mine.

“I’m a businessman. I’m a businessman. I am creative with my money. X million, which he has not yet paid me, could triple, quadruple.

“I can handle money. I can earn more if I have a little, a lot.”


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