Liz Truss on ‘Tori’ Solidarity in bumpy speech: ‘You can trust me’

Liz Truss Reaffirming its leadership in a major speech at the Conservative Party Congress, it has been weakened under the watch of the market and its own rank-and-file comrades, some already accused of preparing a “coup” to expel it from 10 Downing all critics or to whom They doubt their resolve The prime minister said “you can trust me”, “I have a clear plan” or “not everyone will support change, but everyone will benefit”.

Without making it clear, Truss asked for time for his “destructive plan” to kick in and be understood. “I will rebuild Britain,” he declared. The closing remarks for the convention in Birmingham were announced “only” on Wednesday. In the presence of “colleagues” and without a month at the head of government, a big bath could be foreseen without controversy, but it couldn’t happen.Their speech suddenly became the most important of his political career crazy and unfortunate premiere Responsible.fear An internal ‘coup’ ousted her from power.

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The truth is, she got a standing ovation and a standing ovation, and once the people who yelled at her during her first minute speech were kicked out of the room (the Greenpeace activists stood up and clapped), she also got a standing ovation . The banner could say “Who voted for this?”).But the image of unity displayed had to be contrasted with what happened over the next few days, something Truss realized: “I’m not interested in saying, but I’m interested in doing.” She made Congress stronger: She had A new opportunity to do it well, or at least that’s Conservative Party They want to be on stage.

This premiere sow the words Thatcherism Mentions those who experience the worst, but his stakes remain the same, his priorities are “three”: “grow, grow, and grow.” Advocating for “a new way to end the cycle of high taxes and low growth,” Truss insisted that only then would the most vulnerable populations move on: “Some parts of our country may decline even more.  … .) We have to make the cake bigger so everyone can get a piece.”

Greenpeace activists stand in front of Truss with banners: “Who voted for this?”

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On September 23, Truss announced Biggest tax cut in half a centuryJust ten days later, he abandoned his plan to completely reduce the top personal income tax rate on top earners from 45% to 40%. GBP crashes And attempts to rebel within the party let him know he didn’t have a period of grace or courtesy.Ministers blame prominent leaders Conservative Party of Choreograph “hit” or “throw grenade” against his own government.

Conservative delegates don’t know how to explain in their constituencies that this is the key to holding on to their seats in the next election, that the tax burden will be reduced to 40 years of unprecedented inflation, a crumbling health system or a markedly inadequate transport pattern. People who do not suffer financial hardship while cutting services or social subsidies to reduce public debt.

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Minister of Economy, Quasi Kwaten, is considering bringing forward the presentation of its full economic plan, originally scheduled for November 23, to October. He wanted to calm down and give investors certainty, but the advance itself reflects nervousness or the government’s own doubts about surviving to that date without a detailed roadmap.

A YouGov poll released this Wednesday concluded that Truss — who, it should be emphasized, has been prime minister since September 6 — has less popular than Boris Johnson even that Labour Jeremy Corbynwhich holds the dubious honor until now: Only 14 percent of citizens said they had a “good” opinion of Truss, while 73 percent thought it was “bad.”


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