Liz Truss advises Carlos III to stay away from Cop27 climate summit


king Charles III quit participating in the program COP27 Climate Change Summit next month Prime Minister Liz TrussI would advise you to stay away.The monarch is someone dedicated to the cause and intends to speak at a meeting of world leaders Egypt.

It is also unlikely that Truss will attend the meeting, who opposes the king’s plans Private audience at Buckingham Palace a few weeks ago.

The decision is likely to heighten tensions between the new prime minister and the new monarch, although a Downing Street source said, The audience is enthusiasticHowever, the news comes amid suspicions that the government may downplay or abandon its environmental goal of achieving “net zero” by 2050.

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A senior official close to the royal family admitted anonymously era “It’s no mystery that the king was invited. “He had to think very carefully. What steps to take when traveling abroad for the first time And will not join the police. His absence doesn’t mean Carlos won’t find other ways to support him. “

Last year, the Queen delivered a completely apolitical speech at the summit.Or… Carlos doesn’t seem to be given an option. that is a government miscalculation“, the source said. “The king can definitely go and deliver government messages, give credibilitygiven all the accolades it has received in the field,” he added.

The Experience of Charles III

The new king is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading voices on environmental issues and has campaigned for it for more than 50 years.

Carlos III is responsible for proclaiming Opening speech at Cop21 In Paris in 2015, he called for a “massive military operation” to tackle climate change and urged world leaders to invest “trillions of dollars, not billions.”It is also convening and encouraging world leaders to sign the historic Paris climate agreement in the event.

He is also responsible for speaking at conferences Cop26 Glasgow Opening Ceremony, in which he called on world leaders to adopt a “war stance” to address the threat of climate change. In a video about the meeting last year, his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, praised his work. “Through the work of our eldest son Charles and his eldest son William, I am incredibly proud of my husband’s leadership in encouraging people to protect our fragile planet. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Another recent example of the royal family’s commitment to tackling climate change is celebrating Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee This June.This prince guillermo Speech after the projection of the Earth image at Buckingham Palace.

“As I look at these remarkable images, it reminds me of all the monumental and groundbreaking work that many forward-thinking environmentalists have done. I am very Proud of my grandfather and father for participating in these effortsWilliam said.

The Prince of Wales is also at Cop26, but not in Egypt.Today, he focuses on his Earth Prize Innovating for the environment and will be attending a corresponding ceremony in Boston in December with his wife.



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