Livia Brito is engaged and boasts a luxury ring Code List


The actress shared details of the romantic moment she lived with her boyfriend Mariano Martínez

By: isabella gonzalez

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Livia Brito got engaged to her boyfriend Mariano Martínez

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Just a few weeks after announcing that she was putting some projects on hold to focus on her dream of becoming a mother, Livia Brito got engaged to her boyfriend Mariano Martinez in Italy, From where She happily showed off her luxurious engagement ring.

It was through her Instagram stories that the

The protagonist of ‘La Desalmada’ and ‘La mujer de nadie’ shared details of the romantic moment he lived with the personal trainer during their majestic vacations in Europe, a destination that the gallant chose to take another step in their relationship.

“Will you marry me? – Yes”, the soap opera star wrote at the bottom of her video in which she can be seen enjoying a gondola ride through Venice with her fiancé.

Livia Brito receives an engagement ring in a romantic stroll through Venice

Of course, in addition to showing off the romantic moment, Livia Brito also wore the luxurious jewel before her more than 7 million followers, which was placed on the ring finger of her left hand with the help of her boyfriend.

Before committing, both

Livia Brito as Mariano Martínez had already boasted images of their spectacular vacations. Even hours before the actress had reflected in love and his stay in Venice with Mariano Martínez.

“How nice when you take time for yourself, how nice when you have nice company, how nice when you see beautiful life, @yosmimariano I love you,” he specified.

Although little is known of his love story with mariano martinez,

It is known that the Cuban woman has been in a relationship for 4 years with the star coach, with whom she can be seen from time to time on social networks and with whom she has made it clear that she wants to be a mother.


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