Liverpool Explosion Live: Latest News and Updates After Taxi Explosion


SNovember 14, commemoration of Sunday in United Kingdombut for residents Liverpool the day became something of a nightmare after the car exploded on the street Liverpool Women’s Hospital… In this live blog we will keep you updated with the latest developments.

It was announced on Monday night that three men aged 29, 26 and 21 had been arrested in Liverpool under the Terrorism Act. Taxi driver, David Perry, who made the decision to lock the terrorist in his taxi, is currently in hospital and in stable condition.

08:30 GMT: Pierce Morgan praises taxi driver

Pierce Morgan joined in congratulating taxi driver David Perry for his heroic deeds in Liverpool, as his decision to lock the bomber in his taxi almost certainly saved lives.

“This is Liverpool taxi driver David Perry, who locked the terrorist in memory of the resurrection in his taxi a few seconds before the bomber detonated an explosive device right outside the maternity hospital. David’s actions almost certainly saved many lives. He’s an absolute hero, ”wrote Morgan.

08:00 GMT: Mayor of Liverpool on incident

Liverpool’s deputy mayor-elect Joan Anderson praised the emergency services for their work after the blast.

“The incident at Liverpool Women’s Hospital is disturbing and upsetting, and I think about the victims. I would like to thank the emergency services for their prompt response and for calming the situation, ”Anderson wrote.

07:30 GMT: Armed police in south Liverpool

On Sunday evening, armed police were operating in the south of Liverpool as police were seeking to deal with any further possible threats.

7:00 GMT: Panic near the hospital

At first, when a car bomb exploded for the first time, panic reigned in Liverpool Women’s Hospital. By the time the bomb exploded, taxi driver David Perry was able to escape from the car by locking the bomber in a taxi.

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