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OL takes the lead at halftime!

Halftime at Groupama Stadium! OL returned to the locker room with a 2-0 advantage. Signed Toko Ekambi’s first goal and Lacazette doubled up in stride. The SCO’s return to the field requires a proud response.

Lopez taps!

Valery retrieves the ball and throws himself. The right flank is good at taking advantage of the calls of his teammates to open a good shooting angle. His attempt was diverted by Anthony Lopez, still decisive in the cage.

Lyon close to bringing the ball home

Angers is no longer there. OL comes close to scoring the third goal but Alexandre Lacazette is offside. Peterbosch’s men seem determined to take advantage of the SCO’s period of distraction.

Lacazette tasked with returning to Ligue 1

Alexandre Lacazette has scored his third goal for OL this season. Captain is home!

Lacazette doubles the lead for OL!

The Lyons have started to rest! Alexandre Lacazette put the ball in the net with a superb header from Marlo Gusto’s superb cross. OL breathed a sigh of relief.

Hu Ou lay on the ground and got up

Angevin’s attacking midfielder protrudes near the surface and falls to the ground. No fault of the whistle, he lay on the ground, and finally stood up.

Possessing a large advantage for Lyon

A sign of Lyon’s technical dominance, possession largely worked to their advantage in the first half. SCO was 64 percent, compared to 36 percent.

Toko Ekambi opens for OL!

Toko Ekambi opens for OL! In Mendes’ long cross, the Lyon forward was spotted and volleyed. His beautiful cross shot hit the right post and finally went into the net. Lyon 1-0!

Tolisso tries his luck at a distance

The Lyons are trying to break through the blockade of each other. Tolisso was in the middle and tried his luck from a distance, but his shot went straight into the stands at the Groupama Stadium. OL’s games currently lack verticality.

Lyon’s corners are multiplying

This part is already Lyon’s fourth corner. At the moment, the Rhodaniens are playing fast and don’t really pose a danger to the opposing area.

Hunou doing well in Angers

Established in the middle, the former Resnais did a great job with his partner. He often appears between the lines, acting as the link between defense and offense.

Tetê-Lacazette, two dangerous figures in OL

Tate lets his technical qualities speak with the outside of his foot in order to find Lacazette on the ground. In the Foxes game, the Frenchman couldn’t get the ball back from his partner.

OL stays high on the field

Lyon continued to put pressure on Angers. We felt that Peterbosch’s men really wanted to press high when they conceded the ball.

Tolisso defends well against Buffalo

Found in the area after crossing with Dionysus, Buffal finds himself facing Gusto and Tolisso. The former Bayern Munich resident defended well against the Moroccan and his strike came quietly in Lopez’s gloves.

OL installed in the opposite camp

The Lyons maintained their technological dominance and were placed in the Anjou camp. There are more opportunities and more pressure under Peterbosch.

Air holes in Angers defense

On a free-kick, Lacazette found Mendes alone. The Brazilian’s dangerous delivery reached the feet of Toko Ekambi, also very alone. Offside signaled, but Anjou’s defense seemed like a strawberry.

A big warning to OL, Lopez is decisive!

The first big opportunity came from Anjou. Lois Diony will challenge Anthony Lopes, with the Portuguese taking over in the conference’s first duel. His return has been great!

Great opportunity for Lukoba!

In a corner, Lyon played fast. Romain Faivre crosses in for Castello Lukeba, alone at the far post. The young defender missed his recovery, which could have been an assist for Alexandre Lacazette, but the striker was ruled offside.

Tate and Gusto set fire to the right

On the right, Tate hits. Behind him, Gusto splits well and crosses. Bernardoni misses the corner. Great action from Lyon, great pass from Tolisso at the start of the game.

Easy stop by Bernardoni

Toko Ekambi is on the left and tries to fire at the near post. It goes straight into Bernardoni’s glove.

Buffal is already stirring

In his first shot, the Moroccan had already shown that he was on his feet. Angevin No. 7 launched after scoring his second goal of the week.

OL has put pressure on Bernardoni’s cage

On the free kick, OL played well and cooperated well. Lukoba found Tagliafico in the depths. Even with an offside signal, the Argentine warmed Bernardoni’s gloves.

Faivre places itself between the lines

The Lyon midfielder is already on the lookout for Roman Fevre, who should often be seen between the lines in this game.

Let’s go!

The match between OL and the Angers will be played at Groupama Stadium, with the away team signed.

Lopes back in OL cage

Anthony Lopez will make a comeback in the OL cage tonight after being handed a three-game suspension with a red card at his first day reception for Ajaccio.

Angers, breathe again

The SCO has had a mixed start to the season. Martyred at home on Wednesday (a 4-2 loss), Angers have suffered three (heavy) losses and are in a dangerous 19th place in the standings. The Gérald Baticle players will want to give themselves some air by scoring.

Lyon: Fourth success at home

OL has an impeccable record at home (3 wins in 3 games) in the match at Reims and will be looking to maintain the top spot after their first success against Auxerre this week.

Bos delighted with Lyon transfer window

If there’s one Ligue 1 coach who’s happy with his team’s transfer window, it’s Peter Bosch, who speaks of a “winner”.

Angers XI also known as Buffalo Holder

Angers starting lineup: Bernardoni Valery, Bamba, Hontongji, Mendy, Doumbia Bentaleb, Onahi Buffal Hunu, Dioni.

The composition of OL has dropped

OL’s starting lineup: Lopez Gusto, Mendez, Lukba, Tagliafico Tolisso, Caquere-Tate, Favre, Toco-Ekambi-Lakaze special.

So Faivre is the holder and so is Tolisso

Starts at 7pm.

Who said there was no game on Friday said Saturday at 7pm in Ligue 1. At this time, it was OL who took Anges.


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