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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published five reports on the movement of live animals within the EU. The documents are eagerly awaited, as they will form the basis for future revisions to European legislation on the subject, to be announced at the end of 2023. The 30 Million Friends Foundation continues to call for more radical measures.

Welcome, but not enough! This is the main feeling when reading the assessment report on the movement of live animals within the EU published by EFSA in early September 2022. Because if they acknowledge the inadequacies of the current legislation and contain many contributions, they are clearly far from enough. As the Thirty Million Friends Foundation has repeatedly pointed outbut it remains an essential theme: in 2019 alone, More than 1.5 billion live animals have been transported within the EU or in third countriesunder generally shocking conditions.

most important assessment

These reports are critical in hopes of improving the transport conditions of live animals within the consortium. First because their publication is part of the broader framework of the strategy” From farm to table Aims to amend all European legislation related to the EU food system to be more in line with current environmental concerns. However, it includes an important section on improving animal welfare, especially when it comes to transportation.Traffic legislation dates back to 2005, so this is a rare opportunity to achieve improvements in an area cruel to animals. Then since EFSA plays a key role in this revision process, as it is responsible for providing assessments based on scientific data, it will serve as expertise for future texts.

between progress and inadequacy

Something is better than nothing, but it’s not enough!

A. Bonnet – Benefits

really positive » Analysis of NGO campaign, advocacy and legal manager Adrienne Bonnet Welfare, joined by ” For example, acknowledging the inadequacies of current legislation, EFSA recommends measures to make transport respect the thermal comfort zone of animals [la fourchette de température à l’intérieur de laquelle les animaux ne souffrent pas de stress thermique, NDLR]”. The NGO partner of the 30 Million Friends Foundation also noted that the report“ Requires that poultry and rabbits be transported to a maximum of 12 hours “, even that one” Enough space between the ceiling of the truck and the head of the animal “.

But that’s not ambitious enough Sigh A. Bonnet. ” For example, there is no location for transit times, excluding poultry and rabbits. ” ; Similarly” The report does not mention much about sea transport, which should be banned in favour of corpse transport “.” Something is better than nothing, but it’s not enough “in short, ” Especially since, contrary to what EFSA claims, the scientific knowledge to date is sufficient to justify more radical measures “.

30 million friends foundation calls for tougher measures

If these assessments make significant progress, the 30 Million Friends Foundation therefore continues to call for tougher measures. It again requires transport of up to eight hours a day and supports the transport of carcasses rather than live animals. she remembers 81% of French say they favor slaughter in breeding groundsprecisely to avoid the pain associated with shipping.

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