List of the best inventions for mopping the floor on time with the Narwal T10 robot


This Narwal T10 mopping and vacuuming robot The automatic mop cleaning station is on the list of the best inventions of 2020 — but I barely tried it this week. This is my opinion.

These robot vacuums have been vacuuming our homes for years – if you don’t already have one of these tools, you’re missing out. Initially there were some issues with the wet/dry robot – the most obvious to me was that I had to stick things in the garage sink (or even the tub) and clean it after use. Yuko! Then the action entails cleaning the sink, or worse, the tub.

Time calls it late 2020 – but I’m calling it now – this robotic mop and vacuum is simply the best.

Narwal T10 mopping and vacuuming robot. Image credit: From the Narwal website; thanks!

Oh the beauty of Narwal T10 – it cleans itself. I can repeat – it cleans itself.

First of all, I don’t care if the Narwal T10 performs well on the floor – I just don’t want to get my hands dirty in the subsequent cleaning process. My hands are getting rashes and itching and other issues from dirty water (and wearing gloves) – I can’t stop working, practicing the piano or hanging out with my family because my hands are swollen and itchy.

Others may not have hand problems, but you can bet that dirty water is affecting your health in some way, even if you don’t see or feel it.

Most people ask for “good enough cleaning”. Well, this robotic mop and vacuum does an excellent job and is top-notch. It even reaches into and clears corners (the bane of my existence).

My floors are tile and clean well – so I wanted to experiment with wood floors to be able to interpret this product more accurately. Few things can match the beauty of wood floors. Narwal T10 is self-drying to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria, so even your wood floors stay shiny and clean – and (most importantly) dry.

Narwal T10 Smart Maps and Navigation
Narwal T10 Smart Maps and Navigation. Image credit: From the Narwal website; thanks!

you’ll want to jump on Product Site And watch the video about the Narwal T10 in action. I affectionately call my Narwal “Tee”. “Hey, Tee,” I said, “I have friends who come over after get off work — fix the kitchen floor before I get home.» Then, I turn on the Tee with my phone at work – the floor is ready before I get home. Seriously, freshly wiped floors look and smell great.

Easy to use Narwal T10
The easy-to-use Narwal T10 mop and vacuum robot. Image credit: From the Narwal website; thanks!

Internal Image Credits: From the Narwal website; thanks!

Featured Image Credits: Pixabay; Pixels; Thanks!

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