Linda Ronstadt ‘Struggled’ With Recording ‘Different Drum’ but Glad Producers ‘Didn’t Listen to Me’ About Releasing It


linda ronstadt “struggled” with recording her smash 1967 hit with the Stone Poneys, “Different Drum.” Linda fell in love with the original different version of the song. But when it came time to lay down her vocals In the studio, she faced a distinctly different arrangement than the tune’s original version. Linda later admitted she was glad producers “didn’t listen to me” about releasing the other version.

Linda Ronstadt | NBCUniversal via Getty Images

‘Different Drum’ was initially written by The Monkees Mike Nesmith, who called the song ‘mountain music’

The Monkees Mike Nesmith wrote the tune in the early 1960s. “Different Drum” was originally recorded by the Greenbriar Boys in 1964. This slow, country-tinged version was the one that Linda fell in love with ahead of recording the song. According to an interview with Nesmith published by rebeat magazinethe songwriter discussed the success of “Different Drum” and how it impacted his life.


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