Lightning strike near White House sends four people to hospital in critical condition

Fafter being struck by lightning across the street from White Housefour people in Critical situation.

At a press conference Thursday night Vito Maggiolo, representative D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Servicesreported that the lightning strike occurred in Lafayette Park, which is located directly across the street from the White House.

According to Maggiolo, who could not provide more information about the incident or the condition of the victims, “all four were in critical condition, life-threatening injuries“When help arrived.

law enforcement The officers say that the victims were hiding from the storm under a tree.

DC fire as well as ems it is reported that two men and two women were taken to local hospitals. According to Maggiolo, members of the Secret Service SWAT team and the park police immediately arrived at the scene to help with the response.

A severe thunderstorm hit Washington, DC.

After a day of sweltering heat, thunderstorms pass through some areas. Washington., region.

Parts of the suburbs and Washington, D.C. have a flash flood warning in effect. A heat warning was in effect for most of the day in much of Washington, D.C. The mid-90s was the high, but it was much hotter due to the humidity.

Friday’s high temperature will be a few degrees lower at around 92, but be prepared for more afternoon storms.

Take precautions.


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