Liga MX suspends Sunday games due to Queretaro tragedy against Atlas, death toll unknown

TOafter bloody scenes in MX league In Queretaro’s game against Atlas, a lot of information has emerged with conflicting numbers. First, there were reports of 17 alleged deaths and several seriously injured ultras involved in the fight. Several local journalists decided to disrespect the audience by sharing photos and videos of everything that happened. Just by looking at the evidence taken during the incident, it was clear that many of the people in the group were most likely dead. But Liga MX and Queretaro FC have so far declined to confirm any of those deaths. On the contrary, they cover up the truth about what really happened through official statements that do not reflect what actually happened.

One of the journalists trying to find the real truth is Ignacio Suarez, who provided more accurate figures through his official Twitter account. While local authorities said 22 people were injured, 9 of them in critical condition, Suarez spoke to ultras leaders. They confirmed to him that at least 6 people had died and the number may have increased during the night. Several wounded ultras are seriously injured and their lives remain in mortal danger. What no one got was the reasons for the Liga MX delay with the suspension of Sunday activities, but they finally came to their senses.

Which Sunday games are suspended?

Liga MX has finally announced that they are suspending Sunday games, three of them in total. Pumas match against Mazatlán is suspended in the morning. Pachuca vs Tigres will not take place and Xolos vs San Luis is also on hold. Now we have a long week filled with investigations and searches for all the people involved in this unprecedented tragedy in Mexican football. All of them must answer justice. But more importantly, Liga MX as an organization must take the necessary steps to eradicate this type of violence from ultras who are given free rein to do what they want. This is very similar to the situation that England did not go through in the 80s, when Margaret Thatcher spoke out against the notorious hooligans.


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