Liga MX Queretaro Latest Updates: New Report Indicates Queretaro Will Play For At Least A Year Behind Closed Doors


Tofficial meeting of the owners MX league hasn’t happened yet, but a new report from Ren Tovar from ESPN indicates that one of the sanctions imposed on Querétaro the team would play for at least a year behind closed doors and another three years without an official “barra brava” allowed in the stadium.

The team will not be disbanded as many have previously predicted, but these sanctions are the starting point for fixing many of the issues that were part of MX league through the years. Match between Atlas as well as Querétaro will not be transferred, Atlas 3-0 victory over White roosters.

This is of course not official information, since the meeting of the owners of the first division MX league not yet concluded, but it is expected that the current owners of Querétaro, Greg Taylor, Gabriel Solaresas well as Manuel Velardeshould be removed and ownership of the franchise reverted to Zolas Sports and Entertainment S. de RL. summary.’ Property Jorge Alberto Hank Insunzaalso owner Xolo from Tijuanabut this information has not yet been confirmed.


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