Liberalism is tocapolotismo


Ana Iris Simon leftist writer known for his work Fair, a biographical essay in which he defends some traditional values, such as family and country life, as natural, simple, and modest as possible. Combination to understand us, Marx with Amishfrom an Israeli kibbutz and the Ingalls family in La little house on the prairie. This justification of the values ​​normally associated with law brought him criticism of the townspeople and the progressive leftbut it also opened up a gap for him in a newspaper like Country.

In this last paper he published “Liberal Conservative Snake“, an article in which Simon commented on some Rocio Monasterio’s statements. The Vox leader criticized someone who spent thousands of euros on her pet, but the politician’s daughter reprimanded her for being paternalistic and condescending about another person’s values: “don’t be a communisthe snapped.

Ana Iris Simon suspects that Monasterio sees herself as a liberal-conservative and warns her that the liberal side tends to absorb the conservative side. for Simon Liberalism and I quote immoral, transgenic, transgender, interspecies and transgender, drug addict and abortion, postmodern and posthuman, stateless and lucifericLater on Twitter, he quoted out-of-context phrases from Hayek, Mises, Rothbard and the founder of the Church of Satan in support of his thesis! He ended his article by lamenting that Popper’s “liberal boa constrictor” had swallowed Aristotle.

Simon’s tirade against liberalism is confusing and childish at best.. mix in Totum Revolutionum For a liberal like Hayek with a libertarian like Rothbard, a social democrat like Popper, and a Satanist like LaVey, this is somewhat malicious and slanderous. From its modern origins with Juan de Mariana and John Locke, through the Catholics of Tocqueville and Lord Acton to Isaiah Berlin and Antonio Escootado, a common characteristic of liberals of all stripes was their humanism. That is, respect for the dignity of every person, encrypted by this dignity in recognizing his political freedom, moral autonomy and the sphere of rights (among which the most important are life and property).

Since Gladstone and Chamberlain in the nineteenth century foundations of a liberal welfare state, it was the Liberals who did most to found it, with the government of Asquith and Churchill in the early 20th century, and its culmination with the implementation of Lord Beveridge’s Plan, the Liberal Party, after the Second World War. The struggle continues to ensure that the welfare state does not become a welfare state, as the socialists would like.

Liberals were also the main resistance to totalitarianism of the left and right, Marxists and fascists. No one put it better than Clara Campoamor when she defined herself politically: “I’m as far from fascism as I am from communism, I’m liberal.” And no one represented him better than the German ortho-liberal Walter Eucken, one of the few at the University of Freiburg who dared to oppose Heidegger’s racial and exclusionary policies when the Nazis appointed him rector. You have to imagine Hayek and Keynes – so close and so far in their liberalism – armed with brooms on the roof of the Gothic King’s Chapel in Cambridge, while they waited for a possible Luftwaffe bombing that would set fire to the university. That some liberal atheists have risked their lives to defend the religious heritage of the West should suffice to disprove Simon’s delusional thesis.but it is usually difficult for fact to refute ideological fiction.

No wonder Simon crosses out Social Democrat Popper, always very critical of the market in a liberal way, like a boa constrictor. Along with Orwell and Camus, no one on the left in the 20th century did more to to dismantle the criminal imposture that communism was. But who the Viennese philosopher swallowed was not Aristotle, but Karl Marx. Carlos Solchaga, for example, talks about this in his book Things as they are – Diaries of a socialist politician (1980-1994). Thanks to the teachings of Luis Ángel Rojo, young socialists, fed up with dogmas, began to free themselves from the Marxist scholastic jargon and were able to meet those who, like Popper, sharply criticized historicism and ideologies that, like Marxist, had become worldly. sects and passports to the Gulag.

On your Twitter account Simon started hunt against what she says is today a liberal witch, Isabel Diaz Ayuso: “If anyone had any doubts that liberalism is Luciferic, it is enough to see the Ayuso rebellion to leave all the lights on.”

If someone had doubts that Simon is an obscurantist, just check the slavery with which he applauds that the lights go out. In his agro-Marxist utopia, there would be no electricity, we would be lit with saving candles and instead of an evil air conditioner, we would calm the heat only with angelic ecological fans. Although we liberals are not conservatives (like explained Hayek) or socialists (it goes without saying that we are light years away from interventionism, paternalism and the complex of moral and epistemic superiority) in our spirit and ideology, dialogue and negotiations with other currents, so we are glad that there are those who consider themselves liberal conservatives like Diaz Ayuso and Esperanza Aguirre, or social liberals like Carlos Solchaga and Miguel Boyer. Also We will be glad that Ana Iris Simon will one day embrace the value of personal autonomy, market flexibility and tolerance with multiple values..

In the 19th century, the reactionary priest Felix Sarda y Salvani defended liberalism as a sin. In XXI a progressive essayist argues that liberalism is satanic. The fact that the reactionary and the progressive agree that liberalism is the worst of the worst tells us that the liberal is not so much a Luciferian as a ballplayer.. The perfect baseball player to be shot at by both the extreme right and the extreme left. We are so assertive that we not only guarantee security in a liberal regime to those who kill us without a second’s hesitation, but we encourage them to profit from slander and attempts to destroy the system in which they thrive so successfully. Not because we are idiots, but because, swimming in their private pools, they still do not want to build Paradise on earth at the expense of our immoral, transgenic, drug addicts, etc. etc. life.

PS if you will do me a favor, I did on twitter a thread satanic, luciferian and sinful on liberals. I warn you: liberalism can harm your health (however, it falls into the hands of Putin, Maduro, Xi Jinping, Ana Iris Simone and the rest of the anti-liberal army).



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