LGBT groups boycott presentation of essay critical of queer theory


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This Monday members maid lgbti D sororitrans gathered in front of the Casa del Libro on the Rambla Catalunya to prevent the presentation Nobody is born in the wrong body (Deusto) José Errasti and Marino Pérez Alvarez, professors of psychology. They claimed it was a “transphobic” book.

Despite Mosso’s presence, the bookstore had to be closed to avoid a major conflict, a success for the groups, who congratulated each other on social media. “We did it. In the face of transphobia, not one step back“, they wrote on their Twitter profile.

According to the Catalan press, those surrounding the bookstore feared they would follow through on previous threats to burn down the establishment.

Joseph Errasti He is a professor of psychology at the University of Oviedo. He is the author of the book Introduction to psychology personalities (Editorial Promolibro) and numerous scientific articles in national and international journals. Marino Perez Alvarez professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oviedo.

Nobody is born in the wrong body invite think and challenge the triumphant language of queer theory. This book, according to the publisher, is a deep analysis of gender identity and queer theory. “A new transactivism has emerged: destroying what has been achieved, returning to retrograde concepts and creating problems where there were none. It is not based on the knowledge of medicine, psychiatry or psychology. they say you can be born in the wrong body,” he says.

We salute the respect and rights of transgender people, through activism, hoping that they will translate into social tolerance for gender diversity, which will end transgender dysphoria, as we understand that this dysphoria will be associated with the rigidity of the categories of “male and female”, and not with the “wrong body”. . This is more of a social problem than a medico-surgical clinical one. This is the thesis of this book,” can be read in this essay.


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