LG S95QR: Design, Price, Sound Quality and More!

LG S95QR: Design, Price, Sound Quality and More!

The LG S95QR fixes a few previous bugs, introduces some useful innovations in the form of a new towering center speaker, and most importantly, delivers a wonderfully dynamic and immersive experience, almost as if you were at home with the music in the movie. mixes.

The primary soundbar speaker’s low-profile design is small and beautiful, measuring 47.2 x 2.5 x 5.3 inches (L x H x D).

The rears are likewise surprisingly small for objects capable of creating three-channel sound, and they have the same beautiful brushed finish on any body that doesn’t have a felt speaker cover, such as the main soundbar and subwoofer. Their angled fronts give them more elegance than standard rear speakers.

The subwoofer is, of course, more about function than design, but with its rounded corners and nice finish, it’s less necessary to hide it next to a sofa or under a sideboard like any other subwoofer.

LG S95QR Price and Availability


The LG S95QR is available in gray and costs $1,799 / AU$2,049, and we saw it drop to $1,499 on LG’s website, but these discounts were no longer available at the time of publication. Check out our best Amazon deals page for the latest deals.

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sound quality


It is without a doubt the biggest soundbar LG has ever produced.

As a multi-speaker home theater system, it’s good to know that LG’s strengths lie in providing 5.1 soundtracks from services like Netflix and Amazon (or connected to a Blu-Ray disc player).

The soundbar’s ability to project sound from its four physical parts so far is phenomenal, resulting in a fantastic three-dimensional sound world where you forget the speakers are there, immersing you in Dolby Atmos mixes. This is pretty much the ideal Dolby Atmos setup.

The main difference is that the power of music is used to create a clear, clear, energetic and detailed sound, rather than forcing the pomp and impact required by film mixes.

The subwoofer also continues to surprise with its agility, with its sound better timed and connected to the lower end of the main soundbar’s mid-range much more securely during music than we usually hear on such soundbars.

Finally, because the subwoofer takes so long to kick in, it’s obvious to notice the LG soundbar’s frequency shortcomings. The soundbar appears to detect the presence of an audio signal ten seconds or more after it starts playing.

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Additional features


LG comes with several setup features, accessible via the LG SoundBar management app, including AI to automatically adjust sound output levels based on your space and surroundings.

Automatic low latency mode (ALLM) is also available for gamers who value on-screen action and sound, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant speech assistants are supported.

The audio output of LG’s 2022 soundbar lineup has been tuned by Meridian Audio, which, like several of its latest soundbars, transforms two-channel stereo sound into a multi-channel audio experience for surround sound speaker configurations.

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As a result

The lack of musical integration between the primary soundbar, subwoofer, and surround speakers results in an uncomfortable balance of sound that contributes little to a normal viewing experience beyond the built-in speakers in a TV.

This soundbar kit can be a great one-box solution for your entertainment demands with a little extra aural fit. But as it stands, the flagship package of the LG S95QR soundbar has been further developed to be a top contender at a price.


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