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Lewis Hamilton will soon add his mother’s surname, Carmen Larbarlestier, to his name. The change should take effect soon.

He would soon be known as Lewis Hamilton-Labarlestier.days before the season Formula 1the seven-time British world champion has revealed he will change his surname, adding his mother’s – Carmen Larbalestier – to his own.

The name change will happen ‘soon’

‘Because I don’t really understand when people get married, women lose their names’, the pilot defends Benz Interviewed on stage at the Dubai Expo, the first race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix, is just days away. I really wish my mother’s name had something to do with Hamilton. According to the British driver, the name change will happen “soon” but not before the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Hamilton remained silent for weeks after he gave up the world title in favor of Max Verstappen in the final round of the final Grand Prix of the 2021 season. While many observers are even worried about retirement, the 37-year-old pilot said he “needs to take a step back”. But he will spend another season in the paddock in an attempt to recover what he deserves and become the most successful driver in Formula 1 history.


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