Lewandowski is late for training again, and Bayern Munich will play in front of the fans tomorrow: what will he do?


Robert Lewandowski It is reported that he was late for BavariaTraining again on Friday morning.

The Poland international has been late for each of his three training sessions since joining the German team on Tuesday.

According to Bild, Lewandowski Didn’t show up for practice on Friday. The seasoned striker has made it clear he wants to leave the Bundesliga champions this summer.

There were reports that he would not appear at the training camp, but he decided not to cause trouble for the Bavarians.

Meanwhile, Bavaria will introduce the team to the fans on Saturday before leaving for the US tour.

It remains to be seen whether Lewandowski will attend a presentation that will take place before the open training session and how it will be received by the fans.

It should not be forgotten that Lewandowski say goodbye to the fans in the last game of last season. The Polish national team player made it clear all summer that he did not want to continue playing in Bavaria.

Meanwhile, Barcelona made a formal offer to sign Lewandowskibut the two clubs did not reach an agreement.

The Bavarians do not want to let go of their attacker at any cost. Lewandowski hopes that his future will be decided as soon as possible, as the German side heads to the US on Monday.


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