Letizia’s waste of glamor on her new date with cinema


The Queen Letizia has put an end to its weekly schedule before starting a new one next Tuesday collaboration trip, in this case to Paraguay and also with a meeting that has a lot to do with one of his great hobbies.

Doña Letizia has traveled to Navarre to attend the twenty-first edition of Tudela City First Opera Film Festival, convened by the City Council, through the Tudela-Cultura Local Business Public Entity, together with the cultural association “Cine Club Muskaria”. During this event, the authors of the film “That Happy Couple”, directed by Luis García Berlanga, Juan Antonio Bardem and starring Fernando Fernán Gómez, were honored.

Queen Letizia on arrival / Gtres

The Opera Prima Ciudad de Tudela film festival is the only Spanish competition specializing in filmmakers’ debut works and aims to disseminate and appreciate, in addition to praising, this type of work which in some cases does not have the resources or means to make itself known. It is also a way to promote new film careers and gain recognition. The director of the festival is the film director, host, author and teacher Luis Alegre, also director of the Tudela film festival and partner of the film festival. Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

A quote that Doña Letizia likes a lot, because her love for him is well known Seventh Art. In fact, for this reason, the mayor has confirmed that they have decided to send an invitation to His Majesty. However, Felipe VI’s wife is not the first royal to visit the festival, which she once attended. doña Sofia.

Queen Letizia during the event / Gtres

For this commitment, the Queen has chosen to restore one of the most applauded looks from her wardrobe, perfect even for the rainy climate of the city. Felipe VI’s wife has carried one polka dot dressor in very dark blue from the COS company, with long sleeves, a tailored silhouette and a box neckline, which has been combined with a black Burberry belt, high-top pumps from Prada and matching Hugo Boss wallet. When it comes to jewelry, she has worn large ring earrings and her inseparable golden Karen Hallam ring. Upon arrival at the event, the queen also wore a black Carolina Herrera cape which she has kept in her wardrobe for a long time. Doña Letizia has worn this look at least twice more, but always in combination with high-heeled OTK boots instead of more classic shoes.

Doña Letizia is scheduled to embark on a new partnership trip next Tuesday, in this case to Paraguay. To this we must add that this weekend is the birthday of it Princess Eleanor that he must also return to Wales to continue his studies at Atlantic College. It has not been revealed whether the royal family has planned any kind of special celebration for the heiress before her departure, although it most likely is.

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