Letizia’s H&M dress will be a success this Christmas


Letizia wore her diamond crown in H&M’s cheap dress In Sweden, the clothes we want this Christmas are already on the market, suitable for the queen. H&M Signing a sustainable series has been able to obsess us LetiziaIn order to pay tribute to the brands of the countries she visited, the queen did not hesitate to dress up as a cheap queen. H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection includes tulle dresses with their respective crowns worn by Letizia and Victoria from Sweden.

This is a dress designed by Letizia (H&M) for this Christmas

H&M tulle dress is part of Conscious Exclusive collection, It only costs 239 Euros, a very low price skirt festival. Among its features, the impressive tulle skirt makes this dress a dream come true. As stated in the clothing description: “Fit-fit body, a flared skirt with thin grosgrain strips and two layers of tulle at the waist seam to increase volume and stability.”

In the same series, we found another similar dress Letizia could have made a choice without copying Princess Victoria. This is a fantastic word of honor. The slightly low-key tulle skirt and sweetheart neckline are one of H&M’s most successful costumes. It is very suitable for Christmas parties, even baptisms and communion weddings, in this case, the price of this dress is 179 Euros.

Letizia's H&M dress will be a success this Christmas

In the shades of green, we can find another fantasy The same tulle as Letizia’s skirt, In this case is green. Colors like blue are particularly prominent this season. It has a hazy touch and surface treatment, making it a dream of a dream night. Priced at 199 Euros, it is another option in H&M’s Conscious Exclusive series, which is perfect for this Christmas.

H&M’s last plum tulle dress Make you a queen immediately. It has a more romantic atmosphere and a dreamlike effect, and skirts in various tones stand out. The transparency and color details of the neckline make this dress from the same Letizia series a good choice for a dinner party. It is priced at 139 Euros, with the right accessories, we can become a queen or princess for a day.

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