Letizia: the woman behind her transgressive looks


The Queen Letizia It is usually on everyone’s lips but this statement has intensified in recent weeks as a result of the change of register in terms of style that has been undertaken. The last events of him have served to see the riskier version of Don Felipe’s consort when dressing. Looks with cut out in skirt or shoulders or completely bare back have served to endorse this theory. The debate on whether it is appropriate for a Queen is on the street, but, apart from that, the name of the person in charge behind this renewed aspect of the Asturian must be pondered: Eva Fernandez.

To talk about her is to make her the right hand of Letizia in fashion matters. She decides who, how and when, always with the opinion of the Queen, obviously, that she is the one who wears the outfits that are so commented on later. For example, her H&M skirt that she wore in Tudela and which had an original hole in the thigh made style headlines in Italy and the United Kingdom, who praised her courage to wear transgressive designs at 50. Nobody and nothing is prevents.

Queen Letizia, with Gonzalo Miró, in an act in Tudela.

Eva Fernández has been a close friend and adviser to the Queen since she ascended the throne in 2015. However, she has not always worked as a stylist. Few details are known about her, but it is known that was born in León 40 years ago, who studied Advertising and Design at the same school as Ana María Aldón and that she worked as a fashion expert in magazines such as Glamor and Cosmopolitan until she began working for Doña Letizia.

The Castilian Leonese married the firefighter and model Leo Rico, who became known through the media for his relationship with an ex-girlfriend of Bisbal. It was said of him that he could be in charge of developing the pronounced musculature that Letizia has revealed in her arms, shoulders, legs and back in her latest appearances. But he himself denied it on his social networks: «I am not a coach. I do not practice as such out of respect for those who have been trained and have worked to become one. I did not study for it and I have not done any training course in this field. My profession is a firefighter and I am still active in the operational scale.

Eva Fernández, greeting Queen Letizia / Gtres
Eva Fernández, greeting Queen Letizia

There are hardly any images of Eva Fernández because she prefers to remain in the discreet background. This one up here was taken during an audience that the Kings held during the Hispanic Heritage Day 2016, but it is an enigma if he already worked for Letizia there. However, the smile of both makes clear the excellent harmony they have. They have made plans together in the shadows, such as going shopping and it is that they tend to separate the work environment from the idle one. It has been commented about her that she has convinced Letizia to bet on other firms other than Carolina Herrera or Felipe Varela and it is obvious that she has completely changed her dressing room, for better or worse.


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