Letizia surprise: she put on her most mysterious dress

The President of Italy’s state visit to our country has begun, once again, Letizia was not disappointed by her choice to host Sergio and Laura Mattarella. To welcome the entourage received at the Military Square of the Palace, lReina chose a completely recycled appearance In response, it approved again.

King of Spain/GTRES

The queen chose one of her most mysterious dresses. An elegant gray and cream tweed with sleeves at the elbows and a skirt below the knees. Although it was released three years ago, it is unknown who signed it.Use a few simple Magrit Salon in gray tones, Letizia left all the prominent places in the shelter she chose for this occasion. The elegant cream cloak released in Paris in 2016, the black version has also been worn in many performances. The coat is signed by Hugo Boss and perfectly matches this unidentified author dress.

Queen Letizia wears one of her most mysterious dresses / GTRES

The only new thing in the style of Princess Leonor and the mother of Infanta Sofía is the grey Furla bag. Specifically, the Metropolitan model, which is priced at around 150 euros, is also blank.

Detail behind the queen / GTRES

The thing that caught the attention of Queen Letizia on Tuesday morning was her magnificent hair. Although this former reporter has not cut her hair for the first time in recent months, its length, combined with the amount of combing she has combed today, made her hair more prominent than ever before, worthy of advertising.

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