Letizia makes a big bet on the delivery of Cerecedo


It will take another year, Your Majesty the King They once again participated in one of the most outstanding events on their institutional agenda.Don Felipe and Dona Letizia presided over the delivery of the new edition Francisco Cerrecedo Journalism Award Among them, this year returned to the recently reopened hotel The Ritz Mandarin Oriental Hotel, After moving to Hotel Palace during the renovation of the hotel.

At about 20:30 in the afternoon, His Majesty had arrived at the venue. Like what happened in 2017, the queen usually surprises in this move with an adventurous and even bold expression.However, this time, she was more willing to choose a safe bet and found a signed design in her wardrobe Hugo Boss. Unsurprisingly, the wife of Felipe VI wore black clothes when she went to the appointment, which is her fetish color.

The Queen’s Look / Gtres

This time it is a straight cut and fitted model with a pencil skirt below the knee. The most eye-catching is the upper body, made of fishnet, with tassels, very 1920s style. The signature worn by His Majesty at the end of 2019, especially on the day when he made a double promise.He participated in IFEMA for the first time to participate in an event within the framework of IFEMA Climate summit It was held in Madrid, and for this event, she covered her skirt with a coat with Carolina Herrera jewel buttons.Later he joined King Felipe, and after changing his jewelry, he participated in the award ceremonies of other journalism awards, especially Mariano de Cavia. The feature of this suit is that in addition to the queen, we also saw the actress Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie French export.

Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer in a Boss dress / Sony Pictures

Doña Letizia combined her style with Manolo Blahnik’s black high heels and Nina Ricci’s metal detail wallet.As jewelry, in addition to her inseparable gold ring, she also wears Karen Hallam, Long Tous earrings, and choose to make her hair very smooth and comb back.

This year, the jury decided to award the award to the American journalist and writer Annie Applebaum “Because of his research and dissemination of authoritarianism and neo-populism. Your article on TThe Atlantic, The Economist, The Evening Standard, and The Washington Post They are a reference for understanding the social and political movements of European countries such as Hungary and Poland. Some of the principles, freedoms and values ​​of these countries are internal issues of the European Union.”

King in action / Gtres

A different week

Last weekend, the entire royal family participated in the delivery Oviedo Princess of Asturias Foundation Award, And in the act of recognizing model people in 2021 Santa maria del puerto rico (Somiedo). Princess Eleanor presided over the award ceremony, because the award ceremony coincided with the mid-term holiday of the Atlantic College of Wales, where she began to study at the end of August.No shortage Queen SophiaThe next morning, he will go to Athens to attend the religious ceremony where his nephew Prince Philip married Nina Flohr.

Oviedo/Gtres Royal Family

Planned at Princess Eleanor Stay in Spain until this weekend, which coincides with his sixteenth birthday, because next Monday he will have to participate in class activities. No one currently predicts that he will participate in any more official events.

As for the Kings, regardless of whether his eldest daughter is in Spain or not, his schedule these days follows the convention.In fact, next Tuesday, Doña Letizia will take on the new Paraguay Cooperation Tour, He will stay there for two days, which coincides with Queen Sofia’s birthday.

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