Letizia: Everything in the eyes of the Queen


Access King to Lisbon Last Monday, at the inauguration of the first specialized center for pancreatic cancer treatment and research, he showed us the unusual images of Doña Letizia and Don Felipe. During the tour of the facility, the photographer’s camera once captured the place where His Majesty the King seemed to be whispering to the Queen She would lift her head back and look at him knowingly. A snapshot reinforces the idea that after nearly two decades of engagement, despite the many obstacles they had to face, the couple remained as close as ever and lived an uninterrupted honeymoon.

Just one day after visiting Portugal, the King provided them with lunch at Palacio de la Zuela on the occasion of the official visit of the President of Angola and his wife to our country. Once again, His Majesty showed their complicity. Donna Letizia stroked the king’s back lightly, and the two looked at each other with intrigue.

Although in general, both of them are reluctant to show affection in public, the fact is that the accomplice between the couple was seen in the scene several times, perhaps when they did not realize it. The problem is, if something prevails in the behavior they are participating in together, it is agreement. They all know that each of their gestures, movements, and comments are analyzed to the smallest details, so they must follow certain rules. However, there is always room for improvisation, especially when interacting with others.

Few kings express their love gestures in public / Gtres

Although the fact is that the pandemic has greatly reduced the possibility of contact between people for the common good, When the smile is hidden under the mask, the expression has become the best expression tool. Although it is easy to simulate relative happiness by showing a smile that is not always true, it becomes more difficult with the eyes. This is why it is of special significance for the king to exchange eyes with us during official activities, because their background is larger than people initially thought.

Away from the spotlight, the Kings tend to glance at each other and make supportive gestures/Gtres

In the past few years, the Kings have had to face many difficult situations, but now it’s been a while, especially due to Princess of Asturias with Princess Sophia With a greater role, the institution seems to have achieved the stability it lacked before. The commitment and tranquility to the royal family surpassed the daily attitudes of Don Felipe and Donna Letizia, both in demeanor and appearance. In a special way for the queen, in addition, she also managed to further strengthen her style and use it as a resource to promote certain causes. We reviewed some of the most special images of the king’s eyes crossed, and these images are not only romantic when no one sees them.

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