Leticia Sabater, victim of a robbery in full concert


disgust for Leticia Sabater. The singer has suffered a robbery in full concert. This was revealed this weekend by the program socialite. The Mediaset space has collected the testimony of an attendee at one of the artist’s last concerts, who has recounted that, in the middle of the performance, the singer invited all those people who were celebrating her birthday that night.

Leticia Sabater, in a concert in Zaragoza / Gtres

So far nothing strange, except that, shortly after, the popular interpreter realized that her sequined jacket was not where she had left it. The singer was tremendously disappointed and did not hesitate to express her discontent, since her garment has great sentimental value for her: «It is a jacket that costs 150 euros. It wasn’t too expensive. I was very fond of it because it has played great concerts in my life for many, many years until the day it was stolen from me». commented the artist.

Leticia Sabater singing / Gtres
Leticia Sabater singing on stage / Gtres

Leticia Sabater asked the assistants to please help her recover the jacket: «Let’s see, come on, who has gone up and taken the jacket? Let him throw it on the stage that we do not look at, come on ». One of the witnesses explained that the interpreter of the theme Santa Claus, fill me up the tank became very nervous and even asked the security personnel to call the police to solve the matter. “Let’s see if this is going to become a joke, like the one with Lola Flores’ earring, which never appeared, an unresolved mystery,” she said.

Leticia Sabater
Leticia Sabater posing at a photocall. /Gtres

In the end, it seems that Leticia Sabater could not recover the jacket, but she preferred to take this hard loss for her with humor, so she chose to send a kiss to the person who took the jacket and continue as if nothing had happened. “Let him enjoy it and feel that I am with him while he is wearing it”said.

new carol

Just a few weeks ago, Leticia Sabater surprised the networks by presenting her new song. A carol to animate the Christmas parties that bears the title Santa Claus, fill up my tank, and with which it became a ‘trending topic’ on Twitter. A new option different from the traditional Christmas carols, in the form of a danceable song and with provocative lyrics, along the lines of other of his hits such as Mr Policeman either The dustbin She herself said on social networks that this was going to be the Christmas carol hornier, funny and ‘very hot’. A bet with which, without a doubt, he has surprised again.


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