Lessons we can learn from Kennedy in the missile crisis to avoid messing with Putin


Announcement Joe Biden about what Russia’s nuclear threat brings our planet closer Armageddon It seems that the alert level of public opinion has been triggered. How could such a reference be, the so-called “missile crisis” of October 1962, when the US deployed missile launchers in Italy and Turkey, and the Soviet Union did the same in Cuba, just a few miles away.Florida coast, leading to Thirteen days when the world was on the brink of nuclear war.

While these two historical moments have something in common—The scary scare of atomic escalation– There are also many differences: there is no clear aggressor from the beginning. After the failed US attempt to invade the Bay of Pigs, the Soviet Union always justified the existence of its missiles as an anti-imperialist act, which Khrushchev did not directly threaten to deploy, but denied until the US released the photo. .

The circumstances themselves were quite different: In 1962, the two groups were going through the coldest period of the Cold War.The Soviet Union has gained absolute control over Eastern Europe, including the Hungarian intervention (1956), most recently building The Berlin Wall returns to isolate the west Elsewhere in the City (1961). The nuclear threat is not only something felt in the environment, but while security protocols are taught in schools, fighter jets from both countries fly high above the skies 24 hours a day to anticipate any enemy movement.

Fortunately, there are many signs that make us think We are not faced with such a critical situation: This Friday, the Pentagon once again clarified that no strange movement in Russia’s nuclear arsenal indicating imminent action has been observed. Aside from Zelensky’s logical tension, the West has failed to recognize the need to prepare for the worst, and the murky “doomsday clock” used to measure humanity’s remaining time before nuclear holocaust continues to stall compared to last year within hundreds of seconds.

All in all, the Cuban crisis and the actions of the JFK administration have left us with some lessons to learn to act now and not let politics budge, but we also won’t be involved in a world nuclear war like some Kremlin propagandists. There seems to be hope for this.so as not to get close ArmageddonIt will be convenient to follow follow the six teachings.

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believe in wisdom

In 1962, satellite detection systems were not that advanced, in fact, Soviet missile platforms were discovered during routine flights of U2 spy planes patrolling the area and capable of photographing the Soviet arsenal. The U.S. military intelligence agency then demonstrated its problem-solving capabilities, as it did in late 2021 and early 2022, when it repeatedly reminded President Zelensky of an imminent Russian invasion that the government in Kyiv had not fully realized. .

Just like the lie that Kennedy was able to destroy the Soviet Union with images, Biden would be a good predictor of any move by Russia with the information you have.Currently, you seem to have mentioned Armageddon Russia has no concrete factual evidence to support this claim. The other thing is that he certainly knows a few things the Pentagon doesn’t want to reveal publicly. In this case, we will face a serious problem.

U.S. President Joe Biden at a news conference at the White House.

Evelyn Hawkstein


Show firmness in the face of threats

When Kennedy found evidence of a possible nuclear missile launch pad within a hundred miles of U.S. soil, he had to choose between several options: bomb the launch pad, invade Cuba with all the consequences…or go the other way. Considering how recent the defeat at the Bay of Pigs is, and the prestige the Red Army still has after its success in World War II, it can be assumed that the latter is not just an appetizing choice.

Kennedy, however, knew how to find the middle ground: Show determination not to fall into violence. It blocked access to the island from the sea to prevent the transfer of more arms from the Soviet Union.when Zelensky on preemptive strike, it must be remembered that Kennedy categorically refused.He’s just standing in front of Khrushchev, waiting for his next move, which is exactly what NATO did with Russia: take the threat seriously, show the greatest concern… but Do not give up arms or economic aid to Ukraine.

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play language

When disaster hangs in the balance and everyone is looking for an excuse to take the hard step to defend themselves, any excuse is good. In October 1962, as we speak, Kennedy decided to fight with his troops against Soviet troops and block access to the island. Now, instead of calling it a “blockade” — a war term — he called it “quarantine.” sometimes, Language is the first weapon of close attention.

The problem is that in this war, it is Putin who stands out in Newspeak, and he still Can’t even call conflict a “war” And go on to talk about “special military operations” as if it were just a simple exercise.Likewise, I willLike “referendum” what is illegal voting And the annexation of foreign territories by the “liberators” of the brave. NATO and Biden will have to find their own terminology to reduce the literal meaning without loosening the message.

Kyiv protests against a referendum organised by Putin in the occupied territories.

Kyiv protests against a referendum organised by Putin in the occupied territories.


show cold blood

Much of the Russian-Soviet aesthetics consisted of describing himself as a strong and brave superman, not afraid of anything or anyone, willing to do anything, and even blowing himself up into a mushroom cloud in honor of the motherland. Fortunately, things changed when aesthetics were brought into politics, or in this case, the military. Bears are less ferocious and tend to think twice.

Khrushchev made it clear to Kennedy several times that if his ships were intercepted by the Americans, they could prepare for World War III. It is the same words that Putin repeats, which he firmly believes will frighten our weak and decadent Westerners.The accident happened minutes later For thirteen days, we were on the brink of nuclear war all. Eventually, the Russians gave in. Something told Kennedy they would back off. It doesn’t make sense to end the world with missiles from Turkey or warships from the Caribbean. Biden may be counting on Putin to say the same about the importance of Kherson or Zaporozhye in human history.

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Get everyone involved in diplomacy

The missile crisis was a diplomatic victory. The difference is that at the time there was a very simple way out – removing the Cuban missiles in exchange for removing the Turkish missiles – and now everything is more complicated because, in principle, Neither NATO nor the US are warring partiesIn other words, the most they can do is encourage a deal between Kyiv and Moscow that doesn’t unduly damage both sides.

in some meaning, China’s help is crucial. They have to make it clear to Putin from Beijing that they don’t have their support in the use of nuclear weapons. If it is absurd to say that Lisichansk is Russian and risk his life, it is even more so to be Chinese. Centuries later, the “sleeping giant” seems to have finally found its place in the world, conquering the realm of power. Now that the world is over, needless to say, is it convenient for you?

Concessions in private on things not acknowledged in public

Sixty years later, the history of the missile crisis is understood as the history of America’s victory over the Soviet Union. At least, within the US itself and its sphere of influence. However, whether this is the case is unclear. Yes, the Soviet Union withdrew its missiles in Cuba and averted a world nuclear war…but in secret, Khrushchev and Kennedy made an agreement so that the US would also withdraw their missiles from Turkey. It is unclear whether those from Italy were included in the package.

Each country sells its people a victory when in reality it is nothing more than a draw. Something similar could happen in Ukraine. Beyond great speeches and unshakable great promises, it was necessary to find a way for Putin and Zelensky to frame a story in which they could somehow present themselves as victorious. The problem is that Russia has taken things to extremes, and finding a middle ground is extremely complicated. Even so, as always, they will have to be discovered. The future is with us.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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