Leo Rico reveals the whole truth about his professional relationship with Queen Letizia


If there is something that has stood out especially in Queen Letizia in recent months, it is without a doubt, her muscles. In the vast majority of her public appearances, the consort has shown off a totally defined figure, the result of a very strict diet added to perseverance when exercising. So much so, that probably one of the most repeated questions in recent months has been none other than who will be the personal trainer who gets the wife of Philip VI Look a totally toned image at 50 years old.

Queen Letizia in Asturias / Gtres

There are many names of experts in the field of exercise that have revolved around the mother of Princess Eleanor, sounding strongly that of Leo Rico. During a broadcast of It’s Radio, Beatriz Cortázar assured that this firefighter was in charge of putting Doña Letizia in shape through exercises, which is why in a matter of days he has become one of the most notorious characters on the national scene, with more and more people taking an interest in his day-to-day life.

The Queen has once again boasted of shapely arms / Gtres

In this way, the alleged coach of the Queen He has had no choice but to use his social networks to deny the rumors by displaying his sympathy: “I am not a coach. I do not exercise as such out of respect for those who have been trained and have worked to achieve it. I did not study for it and I have not done any training in this field. My profession is a firefighter and I am still active on the operational scale”, he confirmed, thus clarifying that he is willing to continue with his work related to the fires and the provision of aid, without having any intention of diverting his professional path towards that of personal training nothing more and nothing less than in Zarzuela with Doña Letizia as student.

Story of Leo Rico / Instagram
Story of Leo Rico / Instagram

However, and taking into account that his wife is Eva Fernández, Palace stylist and right-hand man of the consortit was not at all unreasonable the idea that perhaps the professional would have served as the perfect bridge between the Queen and the firefighter, thus allowing the latter to carry out his duties. Hobbie without these data transcending public opinion. But the truth is that nothing is further from reality, since the official is not the one who would have developed Letizia’s routines, much less a specific exercise program for her body, although it should be noted that he himself has a figure worthy of a lot of work in the Gym. So much so, that on numerous occasions it has been the cover of Men’s Healththus offering readers endless advice on healthy eating and exercise tables with which to achieve a sculpted physique like yours, yes, always with effort and dedication in each activity.


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