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While La France insoumise proposed Friday to ecologists and communists to form a coalition for legislative elections, excluding the Socialists, Olivier Faure assured he was prepared to have a conversation in an interview published by Liberation. The Communist Party also said it was ready to hold discussions on Saturday.

The Socialist Party (PS) and the Communist Party are taking a step towards the legislative election of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. While Insoumis proposed Friday to environmentalists and communists to form a coalition to run in the June 12-19 legislative elections, excluding the Socialists, Olivier Faure assured “[his]hand was stretched out”, In an interview with the Liberation Daily Posted on Saturday, April 16th.

“I’m ready to have a conversation on the condition that it’s not a lying poker game,” explained the first secretary.

He acknowledged that “the presidential race has left a trail between the two camps.” But “unless you accept the idea that the left has only a few professions, it’s impossible to refuse a discussion with the left with the strongest territorial network”, that’s PS.

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Agree on unique candidates

He has laid out some principles for a deal: “First, target single candidates whenever there is a threat from the far right. Then, every time there is a left or an environmentalist, avoid cannibalistic duels”.

“Finally, taking into account the results of the last elections, the specific dynamics of the presidential election and territorial solutions, as much as possible to agree on the candidate most likely to win against the right,” he continued.

But while the rebels hope to build a coalition on the basis of their plan, Olivier Faure believes that “a rally will never be a rally. There are differences. (…) We must unite in a common struggle, Respect different stories and projects at the same time.”

He recalled that PS and LFI were “fighting together at the General Assembly” on a number of projects. “Even though we will never be clones, these battles justify coming together. I respect rebels, but I don’t rebel. No one is going to get caught up in it,” he warned.

‘All forces on the left must act together’

For its part, the Communist Party said it was “ready to discuss” the legislative elections with the LFI, estimating in a letter made public on Saturday that “all left-wing forces must act together” “on the outcome of their deadline elections and its specific circumstances.

“We are ready to discuss your proposals, and we also have some proposals to submit to you with the aim of reaching consensus on all issues,” the PCF National Executive Committee wrote.

For the Communists, “all the forces of the left face a historic responsibility to act together: by uniting, respecting their electoral results and their peculiarities, they can defeat Macron’s right and far right, and The goal of electing as many left-wing representatives as possible is to obtain a left-wing majority in the National Assembly.”

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