Legislation: Presidential coalition loses supermajority


largecampEmmanuel Macron won 245 seats in Sunday’s legislative election, Below an absolute majority (289)It was followed by Nupes with 135 seats and RN with 89 seats for a historic breakthroughFrench media agency. LR Win 61 seats and their allies IDU Three, stand against Baishang. Abstention rate reached 53.77% Ministry of the Interior.

In detail, within the presidential coalition, 170 delegates are from the Renaissance (the party’s future name is La République en Marche), 46 are from Modern and 26 are from Horizons (the movement founded by former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe) ) and 3 from the Radical Party. in the ranks of Nupes72 delegates were elected under the shadow of the Nupes-La French Insoumise (17 rebel delegates so far), under the Nupes-Socialist party (28 in 2017), 23 under Nupes-eelv, under Nupes- There are 12 under the leadership of the Communist Party. The Republicans won 61 seats and its ally the UDI won three, compared with 100 in the previous legislature. Various rights earn nine seats in the Hemicycle. Various leftists get 15 seats. Ten seats belong to localist representatives, At the end of the second round of legislation.

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A (still) predominantly male parliament

According to AFP’s full tally of 577 seats, the new National Assembly will have 215 women (37.26%) and 362 men (62.74%), a feminized half-wheeler than the 2017 legislative election (39%) few. In 2017, the outgoing National Assembly had never been so feminized, with some 39% of female deputies elected, 12 points more than in 2012, and more than triple than in 2002 when they represented barely 12%. 185th in the IPU ranking Among the countries, France was close behind in equality, climbing to 33rd.

As in 2017, the LR group had the least equality, with 18 women out of 61 elected (29.5%). In contrast, the left-wing coalition Nupes had 43.6% female representation. The presidential majority, which no longer enjoys a supermajority, is 40.4 percent women and 37.1 percent RNs, with 50 percent strongly incited by women. From 2017 to 2022, it is already the most LR be punished In particular, a fine of 1.78 million euros will be imposed in 2021. Elisabeth Borne narrowly missed an election in Calvados on Sunday after the second round, Second French Prime Minister after Edith Cresson (1991-1992).

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