Legislation: 38.11% participation rate in second round at 5 p.m.


largeHis participation rate reached 38.11 percent in the second round of legislative elections in mainland France on Sunday, June 19, at 5 p.m. Ministry of the Interior, this figure is down 1.31 percentage points from the first round a week ago, when it was 39.42%. On the other hand, compared with the second round of legislative elections in 2017, the turnout increased, reaching 35.33% at the same time. This is down from the second round of the presidential election on April 24 (63.23%).

In the legislative elections of 2012 (46.42%), 2007 (49.58%) and 2002 (46.83%), the French also turned out higher in the polls.

strong abstention

Lot (49.84%), Haute-Vienna (47.38%) and Dordogne (46.89%) are the provinces with the most voter mobility so far. Civic duties were more difficult to fulfill in the departments of Seine-Saint-Denis (25.23%), Moselle (30.53%) and Oise (30.80%), which had the highest abstention rates at 5pm.

Abstentions in Sunday’s second round of legislative elections should reach between 53.5% and 54%, the second-highest level in this election and up more than a point from the first round (52.49%), according to estimates from five voting agencies. .

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