Lefties shirt dress to hide the belly


In different colors and patterns. Is he dress Left shirt at the waist, well priced and with which you can hide your stomach. The collar is a shirt collar and you will wear it on many occasions.

You choose the pattern you like the most and buy it now before there are no sizes left.

How is the left shirt dress

We’re talking about a shirt, which is short and long-sleeved. It has different details, like the different colors and also its shirt collar.

The best part is that it is made of a very comfortable lightweight fabric. This is why you wear it at different times of the year.

Different colors and patterns

On print of flowers, with a blue background, is the one you wear on special occasions and It is perfect for dinner or for going to an event. On the other hand, the orange vigor is perfect for going to the office, we combine it with jeans, leggings or nothing under. You can always add a belt that looks good with high boots. And you need nothing else!

While burgundy is the most elegant of all. You wear it at night with one black maxi belt and also bag in the same color. While black is the foundation through the ages. A wild card dress that you must have in your wardrobe because you wear it on a variety of occasions and throughout the year. All dresses are made of 100% viscose.

where to buy this dress

You will not find a dress that is more comfortable and lighter than this. For this you have it easy in Leftie’s website where it is at a price of 12.99 euros. Look at each dress and size because they are not all in every garment, so hurry to see if yours is and do not run out of your dress right now.

Lefties shirt dress to hide the belly

In that sense, it is important to note that it is at a really low price and that they have nothing to envy on Zara’s shirt dresses or other brands where they also have them in a variety of colors, but especially at slightly higher prices.

And by the way, if you’re on the web or in Leftie’s physical stores, you can then stay with garments to complement this dress, are bags, boots, cardigans, belts and much more. It is time to choose and buy the one you want and thus give yourself this gift that you have been waiting for a long time.

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