Leftie’s satin suit for Christmas dinner that will style you


Several seasons ago, women’s suits were introduced as protagonists on the catwalks. The blazer and trouser sets are very successful when it comes to looking for a look for a special occasion. Now that Christmas is around the corner, in the new collection of Lefties, we have signed a satin suit that you will surely love for a dinner. The price is good because the two parts do not exceed 50 euros and also it is a very comfortable suit.

Leftie’s most elegant satin suit

In petrol blue, the top is a straight-cut blazer with a shawl collar. It has long sleeves with shoulder pads and is made from a flowing satin fabric for maximum comfort. A very elegant garment and which you will feel super comfortable with at Christmas dinner. It is available in Leftie’s online store for 29.99 euros in a large selection of sizes, from XS to XL.

The lower part of the suit is a wide leg wide leg pant with buttoning at the front and metallic appliqué. It is made from a comfortable flowy fabric and has a side opening detail at the bottom of the garment.. The draping of the trousers is beautiful and it also stylises the legs, narrows the waist and hides the wide hips, so they are very flattering trousers. Its price is 19.99 euros, and it is on sale in Leftie’s online store for 19.99 euros.

How matching left-wing satin suit at the Christmas table? You have many options at your fingertips. Depending on the occasion and your style when it comes to dressing, you can perk up with a bralette with lace detail under the jacket. You can also choose a white shirt or blouse.

As for shoes, with sandals or heels you will make your legs seem endless. To avoid worrying about sore feet all night, choose sandals or block-heeled shoes, which, unlike the classic stiletto heel, distribute the weight of the body more evenly and are much more comfortable.

No doubt this left-stitched satin suit it’s just what you need to be the queen of the party this Christmas. The satin fabric, which is characterized by its shine and drape, as well as its softness, is one of the big trends in the world of fashion.


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